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Requirements for Tier 10 Agent contracts are "insane"

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In VALORANT, to unlock new Agents, players need to sign a contract with an Agent they want to get and achieve Tier 5 on it. The only exception is “Play to unlock free Agents” chapters that new players get as their first contract. It grants them two free Agents automatically on Tier 5 upon finishing it, but what happens when players want to get that exclusive weapon skin for an Agent they main? Tier 5 requires 200,000 experience points, but to get all collectibles (Tier 10) it’s 825,000 experience points in total - equivalent to playing Spike Rush 825 times!

Reddit user 2Board_ made a post where he talks about this problem and what solutions could fix it. Right now, the most XP players can get through playing unrated game mode that gives about 5-6 thousand experience per game and some through daily/weekly missions. The only problem is that there are only two daily missions and they give 2,000 experience each, while weekly missions give about 10-12 thousand experience - not that much when you need 825 thousand experience points for Tier 10. It also doesn’t help that Spike Rush always gives exactly 1,000 experience points, no matter how well you did or how long the game was. What does it mean? Tier 10 rewards require, as 2Board_ says, “an insane” amount of grinding, but VALORANT’s community has some ideas on how to fix it.

2Board_ suggested some interesting objectives for players, but we will list only a few that we think to have the highest chance to actually appear in the game in the future:

  • Playing the agent will provide additional XP if that said agent's contract is active
  • Increased XP for hitting milestones on the agents (ex: blind x total enemies with Reyna's Leer, etc...)
  • Add more interesting daily missions. More engaging challenges would at least make the grind less mind numbing
  • Make Spike Rush reward more than 1,000 XP by incorporating the same XP bonuses as unrated (kills, matches won, etc... give XP on top of the already existing 1,000 XP)
  • Additional XP for MVP
  • Create more game modes that offer variation of gameplay so grinding games is less boring. Overwatch is a great example for an initial system with their weekly rotations that reward lootboxes per 3 wins.

The community liked ideas he proposed as his thread raised to almost 3.5 thousand upvotes, and we know that Riot Games is reading player’s feedback very carefully, so maybe some of his ideas will make it to the game. Riot also confirmed that they are working on more game modes and that they might add “rotating game modes” in the future, so there is a chance that, similarly to Overwatch, players will get some kind of “arcade” modes that might give some additional rewards or simply experience. Other users also point out that during Closed Beta, experience requirements were almost double of what it is right now, but it’s still way too much.

We are aware that all these rewards are only cosmetics, but we all love cosmetics and for people who can’t play many hours on a daily basis, reaching Tier 10 will take months. Adding some “Special missions” for Agents that players already own makes the most sense. It would also prevent people from “one tricking” a certain Agent, since every day players would get a daily mission for a different Agent. On top of that, it would not speed up unlocking Agents since players need to own them in the first place for these “Special missions”, so Riot would not lose anything, but gave players some room to work with Tier 10 collectibles.

Do you already have any Agent on Tier 10? Which suggestion do you like the most, or maybe you have your own? Like always, we want to hear your opinion in the comments below!


xand | cDollynho
I wonder if someone in this world already achieved level 10
2020-06-19 11:57
Benkai | Puget
I understand that if it wasn't hard then nobody would pay for it, but this is insane.

I'll just keep reyna in the contract, since I like that USP in tier 10 hahaha hopefully I'll get there one day
2020-06-19 12:52
200k XP to get the JETT Sheriff :P
2020-06-19 13:22
Well, if you think about it as something free to play players can grind for it's okay to be a lot. although not this much i think
2020-06-19 14:12
I have been playing a contract from level 6-8 for over a week.. its way toooo much..
2020-06-19 14:33
I'm level 9 almost level 10 with the Cypher contract active. the game has been out a little over 3 weeks now. its not that difficult if you just play alot.
2020-06-19 17:20
Getting more xp for MVP will make the game less team oriented. Reward wins instead, spike rush is already ridiculous, sometimes people just suicide by using their skills against their teammates to finish faster. Having fixed XP doesn't give any incentive to win.
2020-06-21 04:52

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