Riot Games announces VCT Ascension Pacific will be held in Bangkok, Thailand

written by itsArnoob May 16, 2023 at 10:57am
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VALORANT Ascension Pacific is scheduled to start on June 28, 2023, to July 9, 2023, where ten teams will be competing against each other to win and secure their spot in the VCT Pacific League for the 2024 season. Riot Games have finally announced that the VCT Ascension Pacific will be taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, on their official VALORANT Esports Indonesia YouTube channel.

Jake Sin, Head of VALORANT Esports, APAC, tweeted and let the fans know about the announcement. Currently, there is little information regarding the venue or ticket sale information. However, all the information will be made public in the upcoming weeks. After this information was made public, the Thai fans were very excited as this will be the first time Thailand would be hosting any international VCT event.

Currently, the participating teams are not yet confirmed, and they are fighting for their Ascension spot in their respective VCT Challengers League. The winners of the VCT Ascension will be securing their spot in the VCT Pacific League 2024. Every year a minimum of one team will be taking part in the VCT Pacific League through the Ascension League, with a maximum limit of 14 teams till the year 2027.

Finals dates of VCT Challengers Leagues in Asia

All the winners of the VCT Challengers League are expected to get announced by June 11, 2023. Here are all the VCT Challengers League Finals dates, which will let us know about all the participating teams in Ascension Pacific event.

  • Korea – June 3
  • Vietnam – June 4
  • Thailand – June 4
  • Indonesia – June 4
  • Hong Kong/Taiwan – June 4
  • Malaysia/Singapore – June 4
  • Philippines – June 4
  • Japan – June 4
  • Oceania – June 10
  • South Asia – June 11

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