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Arnab is an esports journalist contributing to THESPIKE.GG and various other gaming publications. With over four years of industry experience and a background in managing esports teams and influencers in India, Arnab brings a wealth of operational insight and storytelling finesse to esports reporting.

Having attended prominent events like the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023, He has amassed firsthand experience and a deep understanding of global esports competitions. Now dedicated to journalism, he delivers engaging narratives, insightful analysis, and comprehensive coverage of Valorant tournaments and player dynamics across multiple platforms.

Beyond THESPIKE.GG, Arnab has significantly contributed to diverse gaming publications, sharing their expertise and expanding their reach within the gaming community. Committed to bridging the gap between industry intricacies and audience understanding, He strives to provide readers with the latest insights and analyses within the dynamic world of VALORANT and esports.

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What was your best esports moment?
Cloud9 winning Boston Major, only because it was the first Esports event I watched.
What was your worst esports moment?
Forsaken getting caught hacking, shame for Esports Scene

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Arnab Baidya
You will find him playing games and watching ShahZaM, Tarik, and Pokimane on Twitch when he is not working.

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