RoyalBlue eSports announce a VALORANT squad

by BeanAnalysis 2020-05-13

The German organization known as RoyalBlue eSports announced that they were ready for VALORANT as they brought on a roster of some seasoned players. The German-based organization has always respected Riot Games, and they can’t wait to work with them as they enter a fresh esports scene. What’s interesting though, is that they went with a full Italian speaking roster.

“After about 30 players contacted me on the first day, Dieman wrote me a DM. He had a complete team and they already started playing together. I have to be honest, that felt like too good to be true. So I invited him to have a little chat, we talked about his team, the game, our eSports past, etc and it felt very good. So we decided to start a little trial, see how active these boys are, talk to the rest of them etc. The trial went really well. The players were interested in the club, us as managers, and were really pushing in their ranked games. Dieman was the first player from Italy who hit Immortal. Of course, the language barrier concerned us a bit (none of us can speak Italian) but everyone can speak English so we managed to make it work,” tells THESPIKE.GG Sebastian “Major Pataponn” Kühbeck, CEO of RoyalBlue eSports.

The team consists of 5 Italian players who met on the Italian VALORANT community page. The captain Alessandro “Dieman” Buonerba is known for his escapades in Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2. But after not finding a spot in Battalion 1944, all his sights were set on VALORANT. The next player is Marco “St3rMi” Pelagatti, who has a ton of experience playing in Counter-Strike on LAN and online, who will surely bring a nice balance to the team. We then are introduced to a young player, known as Francesco “Fra” Frediani who has almost no experience in competitive gaming. But he is confident he will make an impact. Next, we have a very experienced young man, Giovanni “Kiritos” Milano, who has had plenty of experience on LAN and online is ready to step up. Finally, we have another young Italian, Saverio “Jeyns” Arduca, who has various amounts of knowledge from games like CS:GO and Combat Arms.

“I am optimistic and have high expectations that Riot Games will push VALORANT as one of the biggest esport games of all time. They have done so with the MOBA market, and I am confident to say that VALORANT has very high potential. The game still has some problems and flaws. This is just a closed beta, and I'm sure they will work hard to fix all the problems, especially on the performance side, that the game is having during these days,” comments the team captain, Alessandro “Dieman” Buonerba.

RoyalBlue eSports roster is formed by:

Marco “St3rMi” Pelagatti Francesco “Fra” Frediani Giovanni “Kiritos” Milano Saverio “Jeyns” Arduca Alessandro “Dieman” Buonerba

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