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Sentinels complete their roster with the addition of dapr

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At the end of April, the American organization Sentinels revealed the first four members of its VALORANT squad. At the same time, Sentinels became a sensation in the esports community, as the team was built around the retired Overwatch MVP, Jay “Sinatraa” Won. As the team was still incomplete, many people were wondering: who will be the fifth element of the promising North American squad?

Today, the organization has revealed the addition of Michael “dapr” Gulino to the VALORANT roster. Gulino, similar to the rest of the members of this line-up, has a rich competitive background. Dapr has been playing CS:GO since 2016 and has represented clubs such as eUnited, Lazarus, and Riot Squad. He’s also been with teams like Swole Patrol and most recently Bad News Bears, who were acquired by FunPlus Phoenix to play in FACEIT’s league, FLASHPOINT. Once the team tore apart in the middle of May, Gulino announced his retirement from the professional CS:GO scene in order to fully focus on the newest Riot Games’ title.

“Serving as a primary entry rifler for much of his competitive Counter-Strike career, dapr will join a roster that is poised to compete for championships in the coming years as the Valorant competitive esports ecosystem flourishes,” we can read in the official announcement.

The official Sentinels roster consists of:

Jay “Sinatraa” Won Jared “Zombs” Gitlin Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan Hunter “SicK” Mims Michael “dapr” Gulino


Subroza | m1nac
Great addition to a great organization. I am looking forward watching them play!
2020-06-01 17:48
Idk. I'm hoping for the best for my boy sinatraa and maybe dapr can turn them around, I have no idea how good he'll be. But Sentinels lost to some amateur teams in the beta and just weren't very impressive. We'll have to see.
2020-06-01 18:01
washep up csgo players, I dont expect much.
2020-06-01 18:15
2020-06-01 19:34
2020-06-02 04:08

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