Sources: TugaTV and synsi to join Arctic Gaming

written by frss April 22, 2022 at 1:2pm
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According to mulitple sources, Arctic Gaming is close to signing Rui "TugaTV" Ribeiro and Jere "synsi" Virtanen.

The VRL - Spain: Rising - Stage 1 - Main Event regular season was not very successful for Arctic Gaming. In the regular phase they won just two games against UCAM Esports Club and Team Heretics. This secured the European team eighth place in the table and the obligation to fight to stay in the league in relegation. There, after two wins against BISONS ECLUB and Movistar Riders, they kept their slot for the second season of the Spanish league.

However, shortly after the end of the first split Arctic parted ways with Arkadiusz "xiTsha" Nowak, and shortly afterwards also with José Luis "HUMANZ" Cebrián Martínez. According to sources, their replacements will be Jere "synsi" Virtanen, who recently played for Team Finest, and Rui "TugaTV" Ribeiro, who in the past played for SAW among others. Artctic’s interest in TugaTV was also reported by Álvaro "Lembo" R. Távora. The second season of Valorant Regional League Spain: Rising will begin in mid-May, so we can expect the official debut of the new lineup then.

Now Arctic Gaming should be:

LithuaniaMarius "l0udly" ŽilinskasLithuaniaDominykas "MiniBoo" LukaseviciusSlovakiaNorbert "Dext" PaulovčákPortugalRui "TugaTV" RibeiroFinlandJere "synsi" VirtanenSpainManuel "THINKII" Martínez *(Head coach)*


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