Team Guardians recruit VALORANT roster

by BeanAnalysis 2020-05-21

The esports organization Team Guardian announced that they would be involved in the competitive scene of VALORANT as they bring on a full roster from Germany. The organization was founded in 2012 with its direction set on CS:GO. In 2014, they decided to become a full-fledged established org that is a part of games like Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, and more. Recently though, the company decided to become involved in Riot’s new FPS game, with the hopes of being able to rise early on.

Leader and Co-Founder, Moritz Heller told THESPIKE.GG about how the team was formed: “We stayed in contact with SlimOner and Jay7D and as soon as VALORANT was announced, the two players came to us looking for a team. We came to an agreement, as we already had experience with high ranked Teams in CS:GO and CoD. So the new Team Guardians VALORANT roster was founded.”

The team consists of the previously mentioned Steven “SlimOner“ S. who will act as the captain for the team. Next on the list, we have Nico “Jay7D“ J. who played with SlimOner in CS:GO. Both these players have an apt amount of experience in the semi-professional ranks of CS:GO. We then have Tom “Divinez“ K., Daniel “BrxtnJ“ W., and David “neks“ K. All these players have over 5,000 hours of play time in CS:GO. The three latter players were tried out and then signed to the team.

“We see VALORANT as a game able to compete with Counter-Strike. We don‘t see CS:GO dying through VALORANT, as some suspected, but it will play an important role in the esports community - and we certainly want to be a part of it,” Heller goes on to say.

Team Guardian is just getting started in the new world of VALORANT, but the team has high hopes for the future. We will see how well they perform as they begin their journey into the many tournaments in the scene already.

Team Guardians line-up consists of:

Steven “SlimOner“ S. Nico “Jay7D“ J. Tom “Divinez“ K. Daniel “BrxtnJ“ W. David “neks“ K.

Maurice "Bummseebienee" D. (Substitute) Manuel "Sabberbacke" E. (Substitute)

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