Team Shazoo inroduce a VALORANT team

by NANA 2020-05-06

Team Shazoo is a Scottish organization that had representation in games like Call of Duty, Rocket League, PUBG, and more. Team Shanzoo is collecting funds for its organization through Patreon in order to expand in various different games and to grow in the esports industry. Right now there are a few divisions under the wings of this organization. Team Shazoo is active in iRacing, FIFA, and a few FPS games and now, the last one will have an addition of the VALORANT roster.

“Our decision to sign this team was weighing up value to expectation, they have been performing well in different events just never quite winning so we know they were talented and being relatively inexperienced in online competition shows us great opportunity to develop the professional within them and bring there standards higher so that there natural ability combined with practice and support leads to results,” tell us Christopher O'Neill, CEO of Team Shazoo.

The organization has acquired a team that previously participated in the tournaments under the name of Filip's Evangelium. The squad consists of the team captain Oleksij “bjorly” A., Marcel “scoutmejster” R., Bastian “derspo” S., Philip “JakyN7” W., and Maurice “vattenfranE” B.. All of the players have experience in games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Crossfire, and other FPS games. The members don’t want to reveal their true identity hence we don’t include their full names in the article.

“Our expectation for valorant is pretty high, in terms of Shazoo it is a key opportunity to grow significantly should our roster do well, the game is destined to become a Tier 1 esports and it will upset a lot of traditional FPS fans but Riot have hit the nail on the head and put fresh blood into the genre which we didn't even know we needed. Our goals short term are to string some successful events together to make a name for ourselves in the scene and as we lead towards autumn-winter will be pressing a little harder to ensure,” adds O'Neill.

“We hope they will be a structured league like in LoL and our goals are to be one of the best in the DACH region. We want to compete at the highest level against the best teams in the world,” continues the team’s captain, Oleksij “bjorly” A.

As the competition is growing day by day, we can be sure to see that the team continues to compete in various tournaments. From their recent achievements, it’s worth to mention the 2nd place in the first edition of the European CheckMate Gaming Tournament and 3rd place in the LVL VALORANT Clash sponsored by Vodafone GmbH as well as the 3rd-4th position at the 7Damage Valorant Series.

Team Shazoo roster is formed by:

Oleksij “bjorly” A. Marcel “scoutmejster” R. Bastian “derspo” S. Philip “JakyN7” W. Maurice “vattenfranE” B.

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