The dynamic Ping System of VALORANT

written by BeanAnalysis April 6, 2020 at 8:0pm
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Riot Games truly wanted to put everything on the table with their new game VALORANT. As players put hours into the closed beta, we are starting to see the amount of detail that the developers put in the game. Included in those details, is the multi-faceted ping system. This allows players the ability to communicate in-game without the need to talk with a mic, or use the chat.
Similar to Apex Legends, the ping system allows you to indicate certain things depending on the situation on the map. A scroll wheel function allows you to ping based on a preference of Combat, Social, or Strategic pings. This mechanic allows players to be proactive and ping situationally.
VALORANT is trying to be as accessible as possible for new players and people who may not have certain peripherals that are available for others. Make sure you keep following the website to stay up to date on all the interesting features that will be included in the game!


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