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THESPIKE.GG coverage of Immortals First Light

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As things begin to heat up in the esports community of VALORANT, we are proud to announce that THESPIKE.GG has partnered with Immortals Gaming for their upcoming online event “Immortals First Light”. The event will be held on June 15th, 2020, and will have a $10 000 prize pool.

The tournament will be made up of six professional NA teams and will be rounded out by two qualifying teams. These open qualifiers will be held on the June 14th, 2020, and the top two teams will face off against the six professional teams. The invited teams include Immortals, Cloud 9, TSM, Gen.G and more, so these really are some of the top teams in the scene. This will be the first tournament to show what high-level gameplay we should expect to see in the official Esports scene.

THESPIKE.GG is excited to partner with such an esteemed organization, and we look forward to even bigger things like this in the future. We will be giving full coverage of the tournament with up to date scores and statistics. Make sure to keep a close eye on the event page to make sure you have all the info during the event!

We are going to see some amazing gameplay from each of the teams that have been invited, as well as the ones that have qualified! So make sure you catch all the action on the 14th and 15th!


Going to be a great event
2020-06-12 11:25
stoked to see you guys will be having pro team rankings coming soon.. been looking for a site to implement that!
2020-06-13 19:45
Yes, working on it brotha.
2020-06-14 23:01

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