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VALORANT's closed beta is ending

by maksst 2020-05-23

In today’s VALORANT dev post, Communications Lead Chris “PWYYF” Tom sums up what already happened and will happen to VALORANT in next weeks. First of all, drops on Twitch are already disabled, but if you didn’t get access to Closed Beta, worry not! The worldwide launch is set on June 2nd for everyone except Vietnam, India, the Middle East, and a few other regions. Not only that, but if you were eligible, but still wasn’t lucky enough to play the game, on launch there will be a special player card waiting for you! You can preview it on official VALORANT’s tweet:

Closed Beta servers will go offline on 28th May at 10:30 AM PT, but queues will be up until 9:00AM PT. Like it was said on the launch of CB, all progress will be lost, except rewards from Closed Beta player pass like Beta gun buddy. The store will also be disabled in a few hours, you will lose your skins, but will get all Riot Points back with an additional 20% bonus of the amount you had in total!

How was your VALORANT’s Closed Beta experience? Did you enjoy it? Remember, you still have a few days to grind a competitive queue, so use the time you have left and get that VALORANT rank!

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