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VALORANT SEA Invitational announced by Riot Games

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With everything beginning to thrive in the competitive world of VALORANT, Riot Games has partnered with the VALORANT SEA Invitational to donate $10,000 USD to charity. The tournament will consist of 30 influencers and streamers who all hail from the South East Asian region.

On July 11th, 2020, teams will be placed into two separate groups that will be decided by coin toss. Said teams will then play a series of Best of 1 matches to determine who will be in the final stage. The final stage will then be made up of three Best of 3 matches to figure out which team will take home the grand prize. The six teams will represent a multitude of countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, and more. The premade teams will go by the names of Team Incinerate, Team Marshal, Team Panaroma, Team Spectre, Team Tempest, and finally Team Titanium. Major streamers like Xargon, as well as Youtubers like Gloco Gaming will all be active in the tournament. We also have figures like Xcrosz, who has a community on YouTube of 3.2 million subscribers. If anything, this one event could be one of the most viewed tournaments so far in VALORANT.

Maybe the coolest factor is the fact that the tournament will be casted in five different languages. The languages will be representative of the region, so casters and analysts will provide coverage in English, Bahasa Malaysian, Bahasa Indonesian, Taiwanese Mandarin, and Thai. The talent line-up includes names like Daryl “HungryCast” Lim and the line-up known as 4Casters from Thailand. The diversity of the region is most definitely represented with not just the teams, but also the talent behind the desk.

Riot Games also announced that they would be donating $10,000 to the CoronaVirus Relief Fund by Global Giving. This is set up alongside the prize pool that the teams will be fighting for of an equal amount. All in all, this is a massive event that represents how far the reach of VALORANT extends outside of what many would call the major regions of Europe and North America. Make sure to tune into any one of the five different streams to catch all the entertainment on July 11th!


"We also have figures like Xcrosz, who has a community on YouTube of 3.2 million subscribers." SICK! I'm actually really curious about the viewership during this tournament.
2020-07-02 12:00

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