Version1 announce new VALORANT roster

written by ArmandVanHelden January 10, 2023 at 11:55am
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Version1 have formed a roster consisting of some of the most prominent players of the Game Changers scene in 2022. Noia, alexis, meL, sarah, and florescent have already started their grind and won three games in a row at VCT 2023 Challengers League North America Stage 1 Open Qualifiers.

One of North America’s most famous esports organizations, Version1, appeared in the VALORANT scene way back in 2021. The organization even made it to the international stage that year, finishing the VCT 2021: NA Stage 2 Challengers Finals second and qualifying for Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. After the tournament concluded, V1 never had the same level of success regionally or on the international level.

Ex-C9 White core

The new roster includes some of the most important GC talents of the region. Most notable are perhaps alexis and meL, as both had great performances under the Cloud9 White banner. The duo won every Game Changers tournament in the North American region since 2021 and placed fourth in VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship. Moreover, meL is the in-game leader of the team, bringing in very important experience and understanding of the game.

Noia, sarah, and florescent form the rest of the lineup. The Danish player, Noia last played for XSET Purple and competed in the VCT 2022: GC NA Series 3. sarah’s last stop was Immortals and she is sitting at a 1.24 rating. Rounding out the list is the 16-year-old florescent, who joined V1 from Misfits Black. Despite her young age, florescent is holding an impressive 1.36 rating, the highest on the team so far.

Version1’s journey started on January 9 with the VCT 2023: Challengers League NA Stage 1 Open Qualifiers. The new roster managed to get three wins on day one, including the one against the ex-C9 White player Bob’s team, riribunomsi. With the new roster, Version1's VALORANT team is now:

DenmarkNicole "Noia" TierceUnited StatesAlexis "alexis" GuarrasiUnited StatesMelanie "meL" CaponeCanadaSarah "sarah" SimpsonCanadaAva "florescent" EugeneUnited StatesMartin "Anderzz" Schelasin (Coach)


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