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Esports enthusiast, sneaker freak, and a huge sports fan (of course football and basketball, the only sports that matter) from Istanbul/Turkey.

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What was your best esports moment?
Zeitnot's Game 1 penta against GRX in 2018 Worlds Play In
What was your worst esports moment?
2021 SMB disband

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  • Team Vitality sign Kicks
    Team Vitality sign KicksTeam Vitality have announced their second signing of the offseason and acquired the Estonian player Kicks who recently left Laterious.
    Estonia about 7 hours ago
  • Gen.G announce t3xture
    Gen.G announce t3xtureGen.G have mde their first signing of the offseason and announced t3xture, who recently parted ways with Global Esports.
    South Korea about 15 hours ago
  • Saadhak signs a two-year extension with LOUD
    Saadhak signs a two-year extension with LOUDSaadhak has announced in an entertaining video that he signed a two-year extension with LOUD and he will continue to compete for the team.
    Argentina 2 days ago
  • G2 Esports join VCT Americas 2024
    G2 Esports join VCT Americas 2024According to the latest announcemenet, G2 Esports have joined VCT 2024 Americas League and signed ex-The Guard players.
    United States 4 days ago
Onur Demirkol
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