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Wardell believes Sentinels are "not even close" to TSM

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We previously covered how the rivalry brewing between TSM FTX and Sentinels is shaping up to become something special and memorable for the early days of VALORANT’s esports scene down the line. Well, the players are loving the challenge and the narrative it draws, and they are feeding into it. In a recent interview, Matthew "WARDELL" Yu gave his thoughts on the comparison between the two North American VALORANT giants in his own way of doing things. Wardell claims “It’s not even close” between TSM FTX and Sentinels, following it up with a bold statement, “We are the best team in the world.”

TSM’s coach, Taylor “Tailored" Broomall, was more consverative with the comparison, and gave a much more media friendly answer. Tailored gave credit to Sentinels’ team for turning around their performances once the roster was finalized, praising their commitment and dedication to work hard and improve. However, he brought up that their lack of a strong Counter-Strike: Global Offensive background might fire back at them in the long run.

TSM wins Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series, @THESPIKEGG on Twitter
TSM wins Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series, @THESPIKEGG on Twitter

“Skill-wise we are currently fairly even, despite what Matt says. For a while Sentinels were lacking in structure and couldn’t seem to finalize a roster. It’s clear they have been putting in a lot of work and their chemistry is strong. I worry about their consistency in the long term. Some of their problems stem from the lack of a solid CS:GO background among some of their players,” said Tailored.

In terms of results, you can’t deny TSM FTX players are delivering incredible performances time and time again. The team recently won the Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series, beating Gen.G Esports in the Grand Finals best-of-three, when their opponents already had a map advantage going into the series. We will see both teams play in the upcoming Pop Flash VALORANT Invitational, with a $50,000 prize pool up for grabs.

Who do you support to come out on top in their next matchup? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


2020-08-21 16:25
TSM isn't consistent enough for him to talk like they are far and away above everyone like that - and SEN has given them good matches. They can't lost maps to that Gen G team then say they are the best in the world.
2020-08-21 16:30
I mean what do you consider consistent? No team is going to win every tournament they play. TSM has the most tournament wins of any team and have made playoffs in every event they have played in
2020-08-22 01:07
G2 is a prime example of consistent team.
2020-08-22 01:14
G2 is a prime example of a "super team" playing in a weak region.
2020-08-22 07:28
Im sorry but how can you tell a region is weak without even one map played between diferent regions. Even Asia could be the strongest region and we wouldn't know It.
2020-08-22 08:40
Because EU has like 4 teams worth mentioning (G2, Liquid, FunPlus Phoenix & NiP) compared to NA who has like 10 (Sentinels, TSM, Immortals, Cloud9, Gen.G, T1, FaZe, Envy, Dignitas & 100T when they rebuild).

G2 started off hot because they literally signed the best player from multiple different teams. That's like if a NA team signed TenZ, SicK, Brax, Corey & drone. Even then that line-up wouldn't be as dominate as G2 has been in EU, why you ask? Because NA has more talent and overall a bigger, stronger scene at the moment.
2020-08-22 09:44
Having a more teams doenst mean that they have a better skillwise scene there is really no way to tell wich scene is better without international events lets hope some countries can start to hold lans and invite teams around the world but It doenst seem very likely.
2020-08-22 13:15
2020-08-24 14:00
NA has more big orgs investing in Valorant, thats all. EU is way better but most teams are Orgless. Just look at teams like Complexity, they are s*it yet they are playing under a big org. NA being better than EU is just a mirage because of big orgs and top NA players being more popular than top EU players just because they are from englishspeaking countries
2020-08-24 14:00
Expected comment from someone named "nasucks". There's no point going back and forth on here, let's just wait for the first international lan tournament and when G2 gets smoked by multiple NA teams you can come back and apologise to me.
2020-08-26 13:43
lmao you are delusional, hating on your regionnnnn dammmm
2020-08-26 19:20
You probably have a Mixwell poster on your bedroom wall above your race car bed, don't talk to me. Also im not hating on my region, im just not bias enough to think EU is on the same level as NA right now.
2020-08-26 20:36
Not even a Mixwell or G2 fan. You are right, EU is not on the same level as NA right now, EU level is miles ahead of NA
2020-08-28 18:24
Ok i first thought you were just some bias casual who doesn't know what hes talking about but it turns out you're just a troll. Good one, you had me going for awhile.
2020-09-01 10:54
told ya noob
2021-04-06 09:39
not wrong
2020-08-26 19:33
TSM manages to show up for one tournament and all of a sudden they're "back" to #1 NA? That's not really how it works.
2020-08-21 16:34
In my honest opinion, it is extremely hard to determine a #1 team in any region currently due ot the low sample size of tournaments and with almost a new organization announcing their rosters and entering the scene everyday. I believe we can start marking teams as first, second, third, etc. after 2020 ends once we have seen enough top tournaments and there is a decent amount of head-to-head matches played between everyone.
2020-08-21 17:09
they have won the last 2 tournaments.. and finished 2nd in the one before that if I'm not mistaken

how is that 1 tournament? lol... sometimes I wonder why people type things before having any clue to what they are talking about
2020-08-22 01:08
then tell us how it works
2020-08-22 03:16
drone | ceeSidd
Are you getting T1 and TSM confused or have you not been following the tournaments? TSM have played in just about every NA tournament thus far.
2020-08-26 19:16
Wardell is a troll ?
2020-08-21 18:25
TSM is good and everything, but there is not a concrete scene yet. It is stilll developing itself, they are the best team NA (right now), the same way T1 was the best team during beta. Next year TSM will probably not win so much anymore
2020-08-22 03:36
Even after TSM beat Sentinels in their last match up i still see Sentinels as the better team. If any TSM fans watched the FaZe Invitational and saw TSM lose their map pick 13-8 (Sentinels worst map), narrowly win Split 13-11 with hazed overpreforming, lose Ascent 13-7 then winning Bind because Sentinels threw away a 12-8 lead on Defense and they feel like TSM was the better team in that series, they're blinded by their bias.
2020-08-22 07:42
I agree. Definitely congrats to TSM on recent tournament victory, but to say "not even close" is just incorrect. The match results don't correlate with that statement. Hazed said something similar during Immortal Minds podcast the other day, but at least his comments were a bit more insightful.

Definitely interested to see how this next tournament goes.
2020-08-24 05:38
Sentinels will be the better team in the long run 100%, they have so much room for improvement! TSM on the other hand has already peaked, their progression curve won't follow imo
2020-08-24 12:21
jasonR | iarethinkingthat
i dont like this guy
2020-08-24 13:54
Get's 2'0d by Dignitas lmao
2020-08-26 19:33
nice joke
2021-02-28 12:38

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