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Wedid moves from XSET to NRG

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The XSET Wedid journey started back in October 2020 when the organisation officially joined VALORANT by signing the Pretty Boys team including thwifo, AYRIN, Brando, PureR and added Wedid to the mix. Later on Brando was replaced by BcJ and with that roster the team did quite well during VCT both in Stage 1 and 2 even though at the final hurdle they always had disappointing results. Following this, Wedid was confirmed to be benched in early May 2021 and after that, XSET confirmed dephh as his replacement. Today, NRG Esports have confirmed the addition of Matthew "Wedid" Suchan after the announcement of daps leaving them as he decided to retire as a professional player.

During his career, Wedid has played different agents but before the big patch 3.0, he has been focused on Viper, Astra and Phoenix. Considering all the changes of the patch released last Tuesday, we might see Matthew on a different agent/role. In all of the matches THESPIKE.GG covered of Wedid, he currently has an average of 201 ACS and 1.01 K/D while in 2021 he kept a Rating of 0.98. Notable achievements include the participating in both VCT Stage 1 VCT 2021 - Stage 1 - North America Masters and VCT Stage 2 VCT 2021 - Stage 2 - North America - Challengers Finals after good results in their respective qualifiers. Apart from those, together with XSET he won the NSG x Complexity Invitational and Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly October while with Mamba Mode Gaming he won the PULSE Series event.

With this change, NRG are now:

Matthew "Wedid" Suchan Sam "s0m" Oh Daniel "eeiu" Vucenovic Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor Ian "tex" Botsch


Ooooh, interesting.
2021-06-27 15:25
-tex + huynh and god roster
2021-06-27 15:55
wdym? did you ever watch NRG play, tex is cracked while huynh inconsistent af
2021-06-27 19:36
leaf | Astrophite
ye HUYNH was dropped from Gen.G for a reason
2021-06-28 12:04
-tex +text Pog
2021-06-27 17:00
ScreaM | hex4
huh? ­čśů
2021-06-27 17:14
2021-06-27 17:25
big poggers
2021-06-28 00:03
so Tex & ANDROID duelists, s0m controller, eeiu sova, wedid double controller/sentinel?
2021-06-28 22:50

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