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In the game of Valorant, having an optimal and well-rounded Agent composition is crucial to guarantee yourself that victory. As with other statistics, it’s great to see what the pros are playing on every map and see what is in the meta to try and emulate their strategies in your own competitive lobbies.

Apart from showing you which Agent composition is currently most picked on every map in the current meta, Valorant Agent Compositions also show you many other things such as the composition’s win rate on the attack side, how often they win on defense, success in winning pistol rounds, and many others. This way, you can identify which compositions you like most and put them to the test in your very own Valorant matches.

Make sure to check out Valorant Agent Compositions frequently as the data is updated constantly to bring you the most up-to-date information in the ever-changing Valorant meta. By playing like the pros, you increase your chances of dominating your competitive games and rise to Immortal and Radiant in no time.

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