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With a variety of weapons available to purchase in the game of Valorant, it’s crucial to know which guns are meta so you shop wisely in the buy phase. Additionally, Valorant Weapon Stats let you see which guns are best on every map. Essentially, we are solving the Phantom versus Vandal debate for you by providing you with the necessary data to be the best Valorant player you can be.

Naturally, pistols are just as important as rifles, as pistol rounds can turn a deficit into a draw, and from there, to a straight victory. You can easily see which pistols have the best pick rate and success rate on each Valorant map using our Valorant weapon stats.

By learning and selecting the most meta Agents, Agent Compositions, and tailoring your weapon selection well to the map and side you’re playing on, your chances of climbing the ranks should skyrocket. Make sure to check our Valorant Weapon Stats frequently as updates to the map pool, changes in map design, or even Agent changes may have an impact on weapon selection.

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