Disguised return to VALORANT pro scene with new GC roster

Written By Doğukan Sarıdemir Writer
Last UpdatedJuly 10, 2023 at 09:50PM
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One of the most adored VALORANT teams in NA, Disguised, owned and run by content creator Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wanghas, announced its return to VALORANT with a Game Changers roster.

Disguised GC returns to the pro arena

Due to the release of its North American Challengers League roster following its relegation from the league, Disguised has been without a VALORANT roster for about a month. The NA-based esports organization previously had a Game Changers roster that participated in the first North American event of the year.

Disguised did not advance very far in the competition after receiving criticism from some fans for having on its roster content creators like Kyedae. After losing to Evil Geniuses and SHIFT X, that team sputtered out of the open qualifier division.

There are no content producers or influencers included in this iteration of the DSG Game Changers roster. Along with some new young players, the new team includes veteran Game Changers players Hannah "hannah" Reyes and Katherine “Katarina” Patrone. Hannah is well-known for her time on Gen.G Black, while Katarina established herself on VersionX. They will be leading a group of young, talented teenagers as well as the team's head coach.

The Disguised women's team will participate the upcoming Game Changers Series II competition, which gets underway on July 13 with the open qualifier. The tournament's main event is scheduled to take place from July 26 to July 30.

Fans will get to see them in action when the new roster of DSG competes against other teams in the VALORANT Game Changers 2023 - North America Series 2 - Open Qualifier on July 13.

DSG GC's new roster is as follows:

United States Hannah "hannah" Reyes United States Katarina United States Nathan "lazylion" Hoang United States misu South Korea unstable

South Korea Chris "Huijinyong" Yong (Head Coach)

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