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Last UpdatedApril 15, 2020 at 12:12PM
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VALORANT esports seem attractive not only to the biggest organizations in the industry but also to the smaller ones as a young French organization, Exceptis, has announced its entrance to the competitive scene of the newest Riot Games’ title.

“VALORANT is one of the most exciting games to come and it's already shaping up to be one of the next major esport titles, so we couldn’t ignore it. We saw it as an opportunity to start a new adventure. So when they approached us with their project, we were automatically listening and interested,” tells us Léo Figueira, the CEO of Exceptis.

The members of the squad are not complete strangers to each other as most of them are coming from the Paladins scene, where they were able to compete in the semi-professional level, as Paladins Premier League was locked under a franchise system. Quentin “Crk” Đelobell and Tom “Wyaat” Guerineau have participated in a variety of smaller community tournaments, as well as François “AkiLLon” Fourmaux who is currently taking a role of the team coach. The remaining players of the team are Théo “KoriA” Chaudagne, who has experience in games such as Call of Duty, CS:GO and Apex Legends, Thomas “Bdv” Olmedo that competed in both CS:GO and Overwatch as well as Erwan “Mizaiko” Luciano who participated in the Overwatch Contenders with his previous team.

“VALORANT has the potential to become as big as League of Legends or Counter-Strike, and Riot knows what they are doing. But we just hope that its esports scene will be more open and that the community will be able to create events, tournaments, and be a part of its esports. First, our main goal is to be one of the top French teams to compete in VALORANT and we will focus on that,” continues Figueira.

Exceptis wants to help the players to reach their goal of becoming the best VALORANT players on the domestic and international scene by creating opportunities for them, supporting them in their progress and esports journey. As Figueira says, the company is full of ambitions, and the brand new VALORANT roster will perfectly represent the organization and its values.

“They have the desire to work hard, they are ready to commit to this adventure, they learn fast and they also have goals. We trust them and we are going to follow them and support them under the Exceptis banner,” says Léo Figueira.

We will closely observe that young French roster as we are curious about how they will perform in the future VALORANT competitive activities with all of the experience they already have on their account.

**Exceptis lineup consists of: **

France Thomas “Bdv” Olmedo France Quentin “Crk” Đelobell France Théo “KoriA” Chaudagne France Erwan “Mizaiko” Luciano France Tom “Wyaat” Guerineau

France François “AkiLLon” Fourmaux (Coach)

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