FNS and s0m won’t be a part of the NRG roster next year

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Last UpdatedAugust 29, 2023 at 08:28AM
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On August 28, Pujan "FNS" Mehta and Sam "s0m" Oh announced during a Twitch stream that they won’t be a part of the NRG Esports roster in the upcoming season. The duo will be streaming 12 hours a day in the offseason, and if they see an opportunity, they will gladly take it into consideration.

FNS and s0m were two of NRG’s important pieces

When NRG’s roster was announced, many fans were very hyped as the names looked impressive on paper. NRG made a “meh” start to the season by ending their VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Sao Paulo run at 5th-8th place but then showed their true strength during VCT 2023 Americas League. The organization reached the grand final but got swept against LOUD.

After finishing the regional league in second place, NRG booked themselves a ticket to Japan to compete at VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo, where they finished in fourth. However, NRG’s Champions 2023 performance was far from expected. NRG and s0m were two of the important pieces of NRG’s roster, and they showed impressive performance until Champions 2023, but after the season came to an end, the duo decided to step down from the active roster and spend more time building their own brand by streaming on Twitch.

FNS and s0m are both popular players not only in their own region but also in the world, and they also have a strong social media presence. During a Twitch stream, s0m said that FNS and he are planning on streaming 12 hours a day and grind their way up to the top. The duo will be waiting for an opportunity, possibly from another team in the Americas region. It looks like we will be seeing big changes in the 2024 season, FNS and s0m are only the beginning.

Last year, NRG competed with the same lineup in every major tournament. We still don’t know what will happen to the rest of the roster, their future is still not decided. Here is the NRG roster that competed in every major tournament throughout the 2023 season:

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