Team Heretics introduce its 2024 VCT roster

Written By Doğukan Sarıdemir Writer
Last UpdatedOctober 11, 2023 at 02:30PM
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Team Heretics has introduced its lineup for the 2024 VCT season. They've embraced a fresh start by bringing in young and talented players.

Team Heretics bet on young talent

This new team is a blend of promising European talents, aiming to bring a wave of enthusiasm and potential to the competitive scene.

The core of this new squad revolves around two standout players; Ričardas “Boo” Lukaševičius, the experienced leader and strategist, and his younger brother Dominykas “MiniBoo” Lukaševičius. Alongside them are rising stars like Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, a young talent from the VCL East, and two impressive Turkish players, Enes “RieNs” Ecirli and Mert “Wo0t” Alkan.

In the competitive landscape of Turkish VALORANT, two rising stars, Wo0t and RieNs, showcased their skills while playing for Fire Flux Esports and S2G Esports, respectively. In 2022, Fire Flux earned its reputation as a formidable Turkish team, securing a commendable top-four position in VCL Turkey: Split 1. Meanwhile, S2G Esports swiftly climbed the ranks, making their mark by qualifying for the EMEA Ascension playoffs. Unfortunately, Fire Flux faced challenges in Split 2, finishing outside the top four. On the other hand, S2G came tantalizingly close to an Ascension opportunity but fell short, losing to FOKUS in the playoffs finals.

This new lineup, nicknamed “the kids dynasty” marks a departure from the older players of 2023, with an average age of just 19. Despite their youth, each player has already achieved remarkable milestones. MiniBoo earned the Season MVP title in Spain: Rising Split Two, and benjyfishy was recognized as the Rookie of the Season in the East: Surge Split One. RieNs' outstanding performance in the Turkish Splits and Wo0t's Regular Season MVP award highlights the immense potential of this talented team.

Team Heretics, a prominent name in the VALORANT scene since 2020, experienced a series of ups and downs. Despite their initial struggles, the team found a new lease of life in 2023 after gaining entry into the EMEA partnership league. Under the leadership of Boo as the In-Game Leader, Heretics assembled a fresh roster. However, their journey hit a roadblock with an early exit at LOCK//IN, followed by a series of mediocre performances that kept them out of the playoffs. Despite the addition of benjyfishy before the EMEA LCQ, Heretics managed to secure a respectable top eight finish, marking the end of their year. Subsequently, the team decided to part ways with most of their roster, signaling a new chapter for Heretics in the competitive VALORANT arena.

Team heretics 2024 VCT roster:

  • Lithuania Ričardas "Boo" Lukaševičius
  • United Kingdom Benjy "benjyfishy" David Fish
  • Lithuania Dominykas "MiniBoo" Lukasevicius
  • Turkey Enes "RieNs" Ecirli
  • Turkey Mert "Wo0t" Alkan
  • United Kingdom Neil "neilzinho" Finlay (Head Coach)
  • United Kingdom Brandon "weber" Weber (Coach)

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