The most popular video game costumes for Halloween 2023

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Last UpdatedOctober 19, 2023 at 09:08AM
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Struggling to decide what to dress up as for Halloween this year? Well, if you’re an avid gamer then THESPIKE might just be able to help you out.

New data from THESPIKE has revealed the most popular video game costumes ahead of Halloween 2023, from the expected to the...slightly less expected, you can take a look at the full list on THESPIKE website here.

Most popular video game costumes for Halloween 2023
Most popular video game costumes for Halloween 2023

To collect their top 25, researchers at THESPIKE combed through Google Trend’s most searched for costumes to reveal which of the top 200 were the result of a popular video game with Spiderman ranking top of the list – unsurprisingly.

Coming in at number 2 and currently trending upwards is Pokémon – meaning you might want to keep an eye out if you’re planning on dressing up as Pikachu this year.

Meanwhile, proving again that you can’t beat an oldie, the game with the most options to choose from is still Super Mario Bros with a lot of inclusions in the list. The highest-ranking Super Mario Bros costume is Princess Peach ranking 5th for video game costumes and 84th overall on the list.

Rounding out the rest of the top 10 we have Fortnite, Minecraft, Among Us, Roblox, Pikachu, Miles Morales from the Spiderman video game and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.

Almost all of these costume options are on an upward trend suggesting it might be the year to go to your Halloween party in a video game costume.

Meanwhile, video game costumes made up 2% of costumes overall on the list in 2023 so you’re still probably safe enough not to run into someone wearing the same costume. The perfect balance.

“Video game based costumes have been on-trend ever since the invention of video games, and cosplaying proves that it doesn’t have to be limited to just Halloween either. The list includes searches for costumes for both video games overall and characters from video games with most of the searches on an incline." Adam Savinson, Co-owner of THESPIKE

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