VCT 2022 Southeast Asia Group Stage Recap

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Last UpdatedFebruary 21, 2022 at 03:06PM
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VCT 2022 Indonesia Stage 1 Group Stage

16 teams competed in the Indonesian leg of this year’s VCT circuit and only 8 of them made it to the playoff bracket. BOOM Esports looks like the biggest favorite on paper but things could change during the playoff journey. The first three teams of the tournament will qualify for VCT 2022 - APAC Challengers to represent their region.

Playoff participants for the Indonesian tournament are:

  • BOOM Esports
  • Onic Esports
  • Ethereal
  • Alter Ego
  • Bigetron Arctic

VCT 2022 Hong Kong & Taiwan Stage 1 Group Stage

Only six teams participated in the group stage from Hong Kong and Taiwan and four of them made it to the playoffs. Oblivion Force finished the group stage with four wins and a single loss as they looked like the strongest team in the region. Unlike Indonesia, two teams will qualify for VCT 2022 - APAC Challengers from the Hong Kong & Taiwan region and those teams will be clear on February 25, after the latest semi final.

Playoff participants:

  • Oblivion Force
  • LP33
  • Five Ace e-Sports
  • Griffin Esports

VCT 2022 Vietnam Stage 1 Group Stage

Vietnam has one of the biggest competitions in the region. The group stage started on February 10 and it has been concluded as the first round of the playoff bracket is set. There are 8 teams and only three of them will make it to the APAC Challengers tournament, starting next month.

Playoff participants:

  • Team Big BAAM
  • CERBERUS Esports
  • Unbeaten Esports
  • Brave Wolves
  • Team OK
  • Team Joy
  • Fancy United Esports
  • Nightmare Fenix

VCT 2022 Philippines Stage 1 Group Stage

Eight teams were divided into two groups and the competition started on February 10. Three teams out of each group made it to the playoffs and different from the others, the leaders of both groups will start their run from the upper bracket semi final. The second and third teams will compete against each other in the first round. Three teams will have a chance to represent the Philippines in the APAC Challengers.

Playoff participants:

  • Oasis Gaming
  • Zeal Esports
  • Action PH
  • NAOS Esports
  • Team Secret
  • South Built Esports

VCT 2022 Malaysia & Singapore Stage 1 Group Stage

Out of 16 teams, only 8 of them made it to the playoffs stage. The playoffs will start on February 24 with the Paper Rex vs Madness Esports game. Top three teams will represent Malaysia and Singapore at APAC Challengers.

Playoff participants:

  • Paper Rex
  • Madness Esports
  • No Namers
  • Bleed eSports
  • Fastelle
  • Huat Zai

VCT 2022 Thailand Stage 1 Group Stage

With XERXIA, X10 Esports, and FULL SENSE, Thailand is one of the most powerful regions of Southeast Asia. Just like most of the other regions, they will also send three teams to the APAC Challengers and the playoffs will start on February 24.

Playoff participants:

  • X10 Esports
  • Sharper Esport
  • Team NKT
  • Attack All Around
  • 47 Gaming
  • MiTH

The playoffs of each SEA region are at the door now and you can track every result on the events page.

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