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ANDROID leaves Andbox in favour of NRG

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A big change has occurred in the North American VALORANT scene. Star duelist Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor has left Andbox and joined NRG Esports.

ANDROID was one of Andbox’s first signings, and has proven himself well worthy. With 257 ACS and 1.34 KD, his stats are among the very best in North America. He helped guide Andbox to victories in the Renegades x NSG VALORANT Invitational and the Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly November, as well as a berth in Challengers 1. His pop-off potential and pure dueling skill will make him incredibly hard to replace.

All this makes him a massive pickup for NRG. With controversy and injuries surrounding Gage "Infinite" Green lately, rumours of changes have been swirling. Who exactly ANDROID will replace is uncertain - Sam "s0m" Oh currently occupies the primary duelist spot that ANDROID held on Andbox, but we do know that Infinite will likely not be playing in the immediate future due to surgery.

For Andbox, ANDROID will be incredibly difficult to replace. Potential options could include former T1 duelist/sentinel Braxton "Brax" Pierce or ex-Complexity duelist Mike "sharky" Gariti.

NRG are now:

Damian “daps” Steele Sam “s0m” Oh Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic Ryan “Shanks” Ngo Gage “Infinite” Green Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor

Chet “Chet” Singh (Coach)

This also makes Andbox:

Jaccob “yay” Whitaker Sebastian “seb” Bucki Aaron “b0i” Thao Christopher “Rebo” Heindel

Jake “POACH” Brumleve (Benched)

Matt “Warden” Dickens (Head coach) Gordan “g0g1” Prošić (Assistant coach)


autimatic | AlkenShap
CYA Infinite
2021-02-20 18:42
we never miss him anyway
2021-02-21 05:06
gl on the surgery man.
2021-02-20 20:05
Hope Infinite has a succesfully surgery. Android is a massive pickup tho
2021-02-20 21:51
I bet this surgery won't fix his ego xD
2021-02-21 10:31
I am sure ANDROID is gonna be a huge addition to the team. I am just worried about NRG already having 2 duelists with s0m and Shanks and ANDROID is someone you really want on Phoenix / Reyna / Raze.
2021-02-22 12:04
2021-02-23 07:22

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