APEKS introduce VCT 2023 Challengers Polaris roster

written by ArmandVanHelden January 10, 2023 at 12:35pm
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The Norwegian esports organization, Apeks has made its entrance to the VALORANT scene, as announced on January 10. The organization has signed the ex-Fnatic trio, Magnum, Mistic, and Enzo and ShadoW, and Keiko to round out the team. APEKS will compete in the VCT 2023 - Challengers League Northern Europe: Polaris Split 1.

APEKS’ fame mainly comes from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and this year they have decided to expand into VALORANT. It looks like the organization decided to do it in style, signing one of the most famous free agent trio to make up its core. Mistic, Magnum, and Enzo are the headliners of the roster ahead of the VCT 2023 Polaris season. However, the talent pool doesn’t stop there for APEKS as they have also signed ShadoW and Keiko to start things off in the 2023 season.

APEKS arrives to VALORANT in 2023

The ex-Fnatic trio played together at last year’s first Masters tournament which was held in Reykjavik. Magnum left the team after the event and joined KOI while Enzo and Mistic remained with the team. At the end of last season, Fnatic parted ways with both, as Leo and Chronicle have joined the team. On top of these three, ShadoW has also joined APEKS for the upcoming season. The Swedish player had the best times of his career during his time with FunPlus Phoenix before playing for Team Vitality and Giants. Lastly, BONK’s Keiko is the last piece of the roster. He holds the highest rating with 1.19 and the 19-year-old spent last season mainly playing Chamber and Jett.

The Bulgarian duo of Itopata and DANNYTO will be the head and assistant coach respectively for APEKS' VALORANT division. Itopata used to be TSM’s strategic analyst and DANNYTO worked for UOL. APEKS’ analyst for the 2023 season will be Forrest.

The new APEKS roster that we will see in VCT 2023: Polaris Split 1 is:

United KingdomJames "Mistic" OrfilaCzech RepublicMartin "MAGNUM" PenkovFranceEnzo "Enzo" MestariSwedenTobias "ShadoW" FlodströmUnited KingdomGeorgio "Keiko" SanassyBulgariaDimitar "Itopata" Staev (Head Coach) BulgariaDanail "DANNYTO" Sofroniev (Assistant Coach) United KingdomSam "Forrest" Forrest (Strategic Coach)


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