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ardiis: “It’s crazy to say this but I think fish123 will be better off without me”

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Expectations were high for Riot’s new Ignition Series and while the European edition of the tournament, run by G2 Esports, was entertaining and full of excitement, some of the UK players were forced to drop out due to a series of DDoS issues.

We caught up with Team ANGE1’s Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks who decided to sit out on Sunday’s action due to the DDoS problems during the Group Stages of the competition.

ardiis also spoke extensively about his decision to leave his old team fish123, revealing that not everyone on the roster was happy with his departure, plus the former CS:GO pro addressed the cheating allegations made against him and his subsequent statement on Twitter.


ardiis was the best player on fish123. I really doubt they're gonna be better without him.
2020-06-22 17:20
c4Lypso | m1nac
Great content! 100/100
2020-06-22 17:31
wasnt he top frag
2020-06-23 01:20

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