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Competitive Mode launching over the next several hours

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It has been announced today that competitive mode for VALORANT will be going live for all regions over the next several hours.

While the game did have a competitive mode in the closed beta, upon release, Riot Games decided to delay the launch of the mode to iron out bugs. And as it turns out, there were some, including one that amusingly spawned the player in the other team’s spawn.

Riot took this down period for the competitive mode to announce some changes to it, including some reworked icons and a new name for the highest level of the game, Radiant. Riot also shipped many changes aiming at improving competitive mode in Patch 1.02, including reducing the amount of 50/50 corners on maps and adding a surrender option.

The exact times for the release of competitive mode are as follows:

  • Korea, Southeast Asia, and Oceania - 1PM Pacific Time, within the hour.
  • Americas - 2PM Pacific Time, approximately one hour from the publication of this article.
  • Europe, Turkey, and CIS - 8PM Pacific Time, approximately seven hours from the publication of this article.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the ranked grind!


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finally ?
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