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CYCLOPS athlete gaming announce their VALORANT roster

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As the VALORANT competition is rising worldwide, we are getting more news about organizations signing players to represent them in future competitive activities. This time, a Japanese organization based in Osaka, CYCLOPS athlete gaming, has introduced their VALORANT squad. It will be their fourth division after having representation in FIFA, PUBG, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

The players have been active on the domestic CS:GO scene for a few years. While entering VALORANT, some of them decided to change their nicknames to have a fresh start. This is not uncommon though, as we have also seen it happening on the other sides of the world, with Braxton “brax” Pierce, previously known as “swag”, being the best example.

The team consists of former CS:GO players that have previously competed together for SCARZ. The team captain, Shoya “x1lly” Mizobe (previous aliases Winter, xeez), Shu “fujiyama” Sugiyama, Takuya “bazooka” Matuoka, Yuto “million” Ueno, and Shoma “matsu” Miura (previous aliases REGN, pankaja) attended GALLERIA GLOBAL CHALLENGE 2019 where they finished in 3rd-4th place.

“Together with my teammates, we are aiming to be the very best VALORANT team in Japan. We are kindly asking for your support!”, said the team manager, hiohu, in the official video reveal. “We will do our best to be the top team in Japan,” added matsu.

The squad has had a chance to participate in the local online event Rock de Nashi CUP, where they finished in 2nd place. The real test for them will begin soon as the CYCLOPS athlete gaming squad has been invited to the RAGE Invitational, which is part of the global Ignition Series officially announced by Riot Games earlier this week.

CYCLOPS athlete gaming roster consists of:

Shu “fujiyama” Sugiyama Takuya “bazooka” Matuoka Yuto “million” Ueno Shoya “x1lly” Mizobe Shoma “matsu” Miura


GL to them!
2020-06-18 00:20

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