Demise sign brand new VALORANT team

by BeanAnalysis 2020-05-17

The United Kingdom-based organization Demise announced that they would be bringing on a brand new team to compete in Riot Games’ new FPS, VALORANT. With teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, and Smash Ultimate, Demise wanted to extend their reach and be one of the first names in the VALORANT esports scene.

“We decided to sign this roster because everything just fit into place, we want to help them grow and they have fantastic potential to be the best. Their previous performances in other cups have been brilliant even though this new lineup is only a week or so old,” Oliver Lumsden, co-founder and owner of Demise, tells THESPIKE.GG.

The roster consists of a full French line-up. “They never played together before, but the synergy between them all is great, they need to work more on their team play and strategies but the first week has looked really promising.” The team starts off with Jonathane “Enov” Rech who played previously at the semi-pro level in Overwatch. Up next, we have Maxence “Chili” Lauqué who has experience in the competitive PUBG scene. To call the rest of the team, we have Jonathan “TakaS” Paupard, Enzo “Necro” Muccio, and Hoang-Thong “eren” Nguyen.

VALORANT Manager, Maxence Grouhan, spoke on their expectations for the game going forward, “We would like to see VALORANT going into the esports scene such as CS:GO or R6S, it's a really great game with big potential. We know it can be huge, our goals are really simple, we want to be the best and we will work hard for that.”

Demise is one of the many big-name organizations who are entering the already blowing up scene of VALORANT. We will see what Demise has to bring to the future of the game with this roster.

Demise line-up is formed by:

Jonathane “Enov” Rech Maxence “Chili” Lauqué Jonathan “TakaS” Paupard Enzo “Necro” Muccio Hoang-Thong “eren” Nguyen

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