DRX VS Dominates Talon Esports Winning the Gwangju Esports Series Asia 2022

written by Emmanuel_E November 30, 2022 at 12:26pm
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DRX VS is well-known as a giant in Asian Valorant Esports. As a top Korean team, they finished 3rd in the last VCT Champions, and have not failed to live up to their name by winning the Asian off-season Valorant tournament, the VCT 2022 OFF SEASON - Gwangju Esports Series - Asia.

Streamed on YouTube and Twitch with a prize pool of KR₩20,000,000, the GES Asia 2022 included big teams like Talon Esports, Gen.G Esports and ZETA DIVISION. After a thrilling and action-filled event, DRX VS faced Gen.G Esports in the semi-finals, beating them 2-1 before heading over to thrash Talon Esports 3-0 in the ecstatic final match. A superb end to a major Valorant esports event in the Asian region.

DRX VS came into this tournament riding on a high of finishing 3rd at VCT 2022. Their team has gone through the off-season so far on a happy note, winning two tournaments and making this their third. Their roster hasn’t changed much since January, other than the acquisition of Jung "Foxy9" Jae-sung, who has given the team a much more vibrant look in the game.

The team faced Gen.G Esports in the semi-finals of GES Asia, with Gen.G Esports winning their first map 13-11 in a close victory on Ascent. Their second map, Fracture, was a different story. Gen.G Esports was thrashed a loud 13-3, and the third map, Icebox, was a close fight but ended 13-8 in DRX VS’ victory.

With this momentum, they headed to the final against Talon Esports on a high. The three maps were strangely the same score, with 13-8 in all maps chosen. DRX VS easily lifted the trophy after that walk in the park.

Source: DRX VS, Champions of GES Asia 2022
Source: DRX VS, Champions of GES Asia 2022

The Gwanju Esorts Asia 2022 shows the synergy between the players and how Jung ”Foxy9” Jae-sung has adapted to the dominant playstyle that DRX VS uses to stay on top in Asia. With this win, the team adds another win to their belt in this off-season and is revving up their machines for the next VCT. We hope to see them bring this competitive fire they set out in this tournament at the VCT 2023.

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