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Europe's first four Masters participants determined

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With Challengers events all around the globe, including some regions having their first, it was an action-packed weekend of VALORANT esports. One of those regions was Europe, who had much more airtime than previously after some format changes. In the end, the region's first four Masters participants were qualified.

The first four teams slated for Masters are:

Alliance Ninjas in Pyjamas FunPlus Phoenix Team Heretics

The teams going for one more chance at qualification in Challengers 3 are:

Wave Esports G2 Esports Fnatic OG Esports

The weekend began with some “play-in” matches of the top 8 teams from the open qualifier, and proved to be quite exciting. Alliance and Opportunists played an action-packed Bo3 filled with great moments, Logan  "LogaN" Corti showing up especially big for his team. Alliance ultimately took it 2-0, with a 17-15 map on Haven. G2 Esports didn’t face too much opposition from Animel, but the story was not the same between Team Heretics and Illuminar Gaming. The Poles played incredibly fast and aggressive, taking and winning most aim duels and seriously making Heretics work for their win. The upset nearly came about, but Heretics clutched up to win 2-1. Fnatic faced off against Guild Esports, a match which brought about one of the weekend’s best moments thanks to a big-brain Sage wall from Leo "Leo" Jannesson.

Ultimately, Guild looked much improved from their past outings, and pushed Fnatic quite hard. However, they couldn’t take them down, and were headed back to the open qualifiers for one last shot.

This all set up the Challengers 2 matchups - Alliance against Wave Esports, G2 in a Challengers 1 rematch with Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic facing FunPlus Phoenix, and Team Heretics going up against the newly-signed OG Esports.

Coming out of Challengers 1, it would be fair to not know what to expect from Wave. They had pulled off the massive upset against Fnatic, but besides that match, their track record was not exactly stellar. Well, up against Alliance, they proved they were no fluke by taking their opponents to the limit. The first map was Icebox, and compositions were interesting to say the least - Wave went with 3 duelists, while Vilius "krea6on" Malinauskas, usually a supportive player, picked up Reyna for Alliance. In addition to all this, each team brought a Viper into the mix. Ultimately, the map would go Alliance’s way, with massive performances coming out of Thomas "kAdavra" Johner and Tautvydas "hype" Paldavicius. Haven, though, is where things got close. Alliance began the map with this amusing clip on the second round:

They’d continue to show their strength on the defense, leading 8-4 at the half. But Wave’s defense was equally impressive. It would take four rounds of overtime to settle the affair, but eventually, Alliance snagged two in a row and put their first Challengers spot to good use. They were the first team qualified for Masters.

Next up was G2 and NiP. The two teams had been dueling it out over the last few weeks, with the match score at 1-1. NiP, however, had taken the more recent Challengers victory, and continued to show up here. Yaroslav "Jady" Nikolaev, as ever, was absolutely massive for NiP - his signing has proven to be probably the best move they’ve ever made in the VALORANT scene. Emir "rhyme" Muminovic put aside some of his more recent struggles with a great series as well. NiP were strong and co-ordinated, and as odd as it is to see G2 struggle against them, it’s the reality right now. NiP secured their Masters spot with scores of 13-9 on Ascent and 13-10 on Haven.

FPX and Fnatic played the first matchup of Day 4. After Fnatic won the first map, Bind, 13-7, it was all FPX for the rest of the series. Dmitriy "dimasick" Matvienko has proven himself as a great addition for the CIS side, and only continued that as he top fragged both maps they won, with a monstrous 372 ACS and 1.89 Rating on Haven. Fnatic's struggles continue since signing with the big organization, and they'll have one last shot to make Masters in Challengers 3.

Lastly was OG and Heretics. OG had been on the rise as of late, and making their debut under their new organization, big things were expected. But it didn't quite turn out that way. Heretics, playing with Christian  "lowel" Garcia Antoran in and Dustyn "niesoW" Durnas out, put up quite the dominant display. They took Ascent 13-6 without really letting OG get in the game, before opening OG's pick of Bind with an absolutely dominant 10-2 defending half. Žygimantas "nukkye" Chmieliauskas was absolutely on fire, and would post 438 ACS and 2.03 Rating over the map, and 397 ACS series-wide. OG began to claw back on their own defense, bringing things to 11-7, but that's as close as it got. A few more rounds to Heretics closed things out.

With all that, Europe's first four Masters participants have been decided. The Challengers losers will still get a bye to Challengers 3, where they'll be joined by an open qualifier field that now has 8 less teams to determine the final four Masters teams for the region.


NIP looks very consistent, especially in comparison to the other EU teams. I can imagine they are going to be one the team to look out for the most in the upcoming Masters
2021-02-21 16:02
+1, them, FPX and Heretics are most in form right now
2021-02-21 16:27
Team Heretics Uri
yea having solid IGLs looks like its the best option in valorant, since nip got Ex6stenZ they looking solid
2021-02-21 19:56
NIP / FPX probably best in teamwork
2021-02-22 05:35
n0thing | Anime4life
2021-02-21 17:44
2021-02-21 18:17
rip g2
2021-02-21 21:05
i hope liquid's opponent would be wave or OG and not fnatic or G2 for qualifing master in challengers 3
2021-02-21 23:10
+1 would be sad to not see one of liquid, g2 and fnatic not participating in Masters
2021-02-22 05:46
Guess what now none of those teams qualified
2021-03-12 01:46
yep 😅
2021-03-12 02:44
deserved spots, especially NiP proving even further that a strong IGL is exactly what pushes a team from mediocrity into stardom, really impressed by Dimasick and RUBINO too, especially RUBINO since he had been inactive due to injury for such a long time, his great gamesense that he always had in CS showed up big in heretics gameplay and I was pleasently surprised to see Avova contributing to frags way more than he used to, already strong teams improving so much in such a short time.
G2 still showing a lot of flaws in their style, Zeek was a great addition because his mechanics are crystal clear but I feel like Ardiis is hogging the roles were Zeek would absolutely destroy everyone(Sova/second duelist) i would be happy to see them switch roles or even replace Ardiis with an high skill passive player like RECIDENT from finest or even better, replace Pyth(who has been underwhelming at best lately) with LOGAN from DfuseTeam, super skilled and experienced in CS, im not sure but i think he also calls for the team, would be a very good deal for G2
2021-02-22 08:19
paTiTek | tamas1n
as far as i think pyth is fine, ardiis was actually playing really bad recently and i 100% agree he shouldn't play sova not only bc of zeek. i didn't miss a single G2 match ever since first strike and i gotta say, ardiis on sova is painful to watch at least for me. he isn't even bad, just could be way better with a different agent, meanwhile zeek in nolpenki was great on sova and i wanted to see him bring that to G2.

but nonetheless, i really enjoy how quickly he seems to have bonded with the team, his chemistry, especially with mixwell and Patitek, is incredible.
2021-02-25 02:29
Team Heretics Uri
the problem that G2 has is that instead of changing things around they keep doing the same thing expecting a different result, like they play the same way they did 6 months ago, and get punished by the same styles, i thing the main problem in the team is their roles, Ardiis sova is trash and has been bad for months, he need a role swap cause if he didnt improve his sova in a long time he is not going to do it now, pyth performances are just bad, his cypher is bad, and his kkilljoy like stats say its even worse, while u have guys like Meddo that is a top 3 cypher-killjoy player in a t2-t3 team like giants and was unsigned for a while, that performs even if the team is playing bad and has everything that pyth is not capable to do. Zeek is not playing his best role, and thats the same problem that Davidp had, and ardiis is looking like he is not playing his role fine and instead of changing things inside the team to adapt to their players they keep doing the same style and want players to adapt to the playstyle that has been shown in the last few important tornaments that doesnt work.
2021-02-25 12:14
couldnt agree more, G2 still play this very puggy style that banks exclusively on the fact that Mixwell and Zeek are probably top 3 aimers in EU rn, but this style crumbles very rapidly as soon as they face a team with goos structure that can play around Mixwell's Operator and the flaws of the supportive players show very quickly, Pyth is so underwhelming its unreal, the only reason i think he still has a job is because sometimes he hits a sick round and tricks the management into thinking hes good, but he really isnt, especially when people like Meddo, LOGAN, SUYGETSU, Turko and hype are around, so many players that are worth a shot way more than pyth, a player we already know the ceiling of and has never shown a good mental attitude even in CS.
Ardiis is a terrible Sova, his mechanics carry him hard but like, if he is just going to be using just his mechnaics then he should play something else with simpler utility, but i think he should just give his roles to zeek, hes the better player on the sova and the secondary duelists and if ardiis doesnt want to play support, kick him, the world is filled with good aimers like him and atleast G2 wont have an alleged matchfixer on their roster anymore
2021-02-25 12:33
Who do you think will be the champion of the master? I say heretics......💛
2021-02-24 06:10
I think a best possible final would be NIP vs FPX, since they are playing a fundamental Valorant and are really fun to watch from tactical point of view
2021-02-25 10:31

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