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written by ArmandVanHelden January 24, 2023 at 8:17pm
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Evil Geniuses continues to expand its roster for the upcoming season as the organization has announced the arrival of Kyle "ScrewFace" Jensen. EG now have nine players on the roster and only five of them will compete on the battlefield. There is still time until the VCT 2023 LOCK-IN tournament so we might see another transfer from the organization.

Evil Geniuses will compete in the VCT 2023 Americas League this year and are keen on forming the best roster possible. Just like the Asian representatives, Global Esports, EG are building a roster filled with players. Presumably, this helps with forming backup plans and also sparks competition between players throughout the season. The organization had eight on board and with the announcement, the number rose to nine with the arrival of ScrewFace.

ScrewFace in VALORANT

ScrewFace has been playing professionally since 2020 but he never reached the top-tier level. At the beginning of his career, he played for Mamba Mode Gaming and then joined DarkZero Esports. He brought impressive firepower to both teams he played for. ScrewFace holds a 1.19 rating and a 1.19 K/D throughout his professional career, which is around 683 maps played. His most-picked agent of all time is Jett by far with 467 picks and Raze is second on the list with 96 picks.

With the new addition, EG’s roster now is:

United StatesKelden "Boostio" PupelloCanadaJeffrey "Reformed" LuUnited StatesAlexander "jawgemo" MorUnited States Corbin "C0M" LeeCanadaVince "Apotheon" LeUnited StatesBrendan "BcJ" JensenUnited StatesEthan "Ethan" ArnoldNamibiaMax "Demon1" MazanovUnited StatesKyle "ScrewFace" JensenUnited StatesChristine "Potter" Chi (Head Coach) NamibiaJimmy "LiN" Lin (Assistant Coach)


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