FUT Esports and BBL Esports organize big Watch Parties for VCT EMEA League match

written by marcelo May 20, 2023 at 5:38pm
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Turkish Clash

The two Turkish VALORANT Esports teams, FUT Esports and BBL Esports, organized big watch parties to watch their teams face each other in the last week of the Regular Season of the VCT 2023 - EMEA League. Both teams needed the win to secure their spots in the Playoffs, and the fans showed their biggest support possible.

The watch parties were an amazing demonstration of the community power, and they were both full of passionate fans. The atmosphere was electric, and the fans cheered and chanted for their teams throughout the match.

By the time this article is being written, the BBL watch party on Twitch has a total of 1.577.247 views, a very impressive number.

BBL Watch Party

In the end, FUT Esports came out on top, winning the match 2-0 (Pearl 13/5, Haven 13/7). This victory secured their spot in the Playoffs, while BBL Esports will have to wait until next season to try again. FUT is going to face Giants Esports in the next week in the first round of the playoffs, Fnatic is waiting for the winner of the clash since the team is already one step ahead by ending the Regular Season in the first place.

The watch parties were a great example of how Esports can bring people together. The fans of both teams were able to come together and support their teams in a fun and exciting environment. It was a great day for VALORANT Esports in Turkey, and it is sure to be a day that fans will remember for years to come.

FUT Watch Party

In addition to bringing people together, Esports can also be a great way to promote healthy competition and sportsmanship. The match between FUT Esports and BBL Esports was a close and exciting one, and both teams played their hearts out. At the end of the day, the fans were the winners, as they were able to witness a great match between two talented teams.

Esports is a growing industry, and it is clear that it has the potential to bring people together and promote healthy competition. The match between FUT Esports and BBL Esports was a great example of this, and it is sure to be one of many more to come in the future.

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