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Lead Designer Morello teases about the next Agent

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On his recent stream, the Lead Character Designer for VALORANT, Ryan “Morello” Scott, gave us some teases about what the next Agent in the game could look like. In typical teaser fashion, though, what he described would be the most broken character in the game by far.

“She’s kinda like Sage”, Morello said, “except for all four of her abilities are her heal, but then, they also can res(urrect). One of them kill resets, one of them is on a cooldown, the other one is on a buy-charge system, and the other one’s an ult(imate).”

Of course, the design Morello is suggesting will not be in the game. But there may be a kernel of truth behind this. Morello referred to this character as “she”, so the new Agent will very likely be a female. Players and fans have been hoping for a new healer to rival the 90+% pick rate Sage, and with this tease it seems that a healer is what we will get. Hopefully, this new Agent proves to be easier to balance than Sage has been.

Whether there is truth in any more of this is difficult to guess, but there is one more interesting concept mentioned here. A healing ability being on a kill reset would provide an incentive for a healer Agent to be aggressive and look for picks, instead of sticking behind the team to support them. It’s also notable that Morello didn’t pause to think about this aspect of the new Agent’s kit, unlike the other ways he mentioned that a heal/resurrect could be earned. If this sort of concept does come to fruition, it would be an interesting design to watch play out. What are you hoping for in the next Agent? Where do you think the truth lies in Morello’s teaser? Let us know!


hopefully, this isn't completely true, else the meta is going to be for each team to have two healers (sage and this new agent). one thought is that they add a lock for one/two healers per team? especially as they add new healing agents, teams could full-stack heals to dominate by denying kills through constant life resets. another thought is that they add an anti-healing debuff ability to deny enemies from healing. i have faith in riot though, i'm sure they'll find a way to balance it.
2020-06-15 16:31
I really hope this isnt true.. another healer means 2 healers per team, not a choice between the two. I still think reyna is OP so I am worried about the next release we'll see.
2020-06-15 16:40
imagine 2 resurrects in 1 round
2020-06-15 18:06
riot needs to stop with all these confusing kit systems
2020-06-15 18:05

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