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New game mode in VALORANT: Spike Rush and more!

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For VALORANT’s official launch, Riot Games prepared for players a little surprise - a brand new game mode called Spike Rush. In Riot’s dev blog, Producer and Product Lead for game modes on VALORANT, Jared Berbach as well as Veteran Designer Bobby Prochnow talked about the new game mode players can enjoy. They also spoke about the future of new ones, so let’s dive into VALORANT’s game modes.

First of all, Riot Games want to make sure that with upcoming game modes all types of players will find something that they will enjoy. Spike Rush is a mode made to just have some fun, without being overwhelmed by the tactical aspect of the game. What is Spike Rush then? Just like in normal mode, your objective is to plant a spike, but everyone has his own spike, it’s way shorter than unrated since whoever wins 4 rounds, wins the game, so usually, it takes from 6 to 12 minutes per match and Defenders swap with Attackers after 3 rounds. After every round, the teams get new, random but the same for both sides weapons, everybody gets their abilities for free and players get 2 ultimate points per kill or death. On top of that, every round there are 3-5 random power-ups that are deployed on maps in random places. Power-ups can be obtained similar to orbs and these can be faster movement, poison from bullets, instant ultimate, increased damage, or just another weapon.

Riot Games
Riot Games

Spike Rush as a mode is still in beta, so over the next few patches it might change a lot or even get deleted forever. Riot claims that they expect the “ecosystem of VALORANT modes to always evolve”, so we might end up having a new game mode once in a while. It all depends on you, the players, for what will happen to this mode. They also say that they might rotate game modes, similar to what happened in the past for League of Legends. In League every weekend there was a random game mode that Riot Games developed, sometimes they even were coming up with new modes, but unfortunately, the idea was scrapped after a few months due to low interest in said game modes. This is all great news, but what happened to the leaked long time ago game mode, Deathmatch? Jared Berbach is aware that players have wanted this from the start of closed beta, and it’s coming, but he can’t say when. This is due to the fact that they need to build the necessary technology to support this kind of game mode. That’s not all though, because as he claims “We’re also prototyping many, many other modes”, but before you get hyped, we want to remind you that League of Legends had tons of prototype game modes that players never got to try out. For now, Jared and Bobby are waiting for your feedback on the Spike Rush, so go ahead and give it to them on their Twitter accounts!

Do you like Spike Rush? Or is it too chaotic and too short for you? We want to hear your opinion in the comments below too!


Really like THE SPIKE Rush. Sometimes I do not want to do a full match, so doing a quick Spike Rush leaves me satisfying.
2020-06-06 12:20
I like it too, but I fee like 4 wins is a bit too short, sometimes you win/lose 4-0 and game is 5 minutes long. I feel like 6 wins would be perfect.
2020-06-06 12:41
Yeah maybe. Half of the regular rounds: 13/2. 7 would be ideal.
2020-06-06 12:53
It's alright, kinda fun that I get to use guns that I wouldn't normally buy
2020-06-06 12:36
Yep! I like that it forces you to learn new weapons!
2020-06-06 12:41
2020-06-06 12:53
Hiko | hex4
deatmatch headshot only best warmup ever
2020-06-07 06:20

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