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Oxygen Supremacy announce VALORANT roster

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The competitive VALORANT scene is rapidly growing, and esports organizations are racing to sign the best players from the wide talent pool available at their disposal. The latest team to reveal their VALORANT roster comes in the form of Oxygen Supremacy. They are known for competing briefly in SMITE and Halo 5 competitions, participating in DreamHack Atlanta 2017 and UMG Daytona 2017 for the latter at the time.

Oxygen Supermacy’s VALORANT roster will include Theodor “in0x” Bjornsson, Dane “DsK” Kenworthy, Terry “Fxde” Toudle, Justin “Jerk” Milani, and team captain, Erik “KP” Lytle. The members of the team aren’t complete strangers to each other as KP and in0x were co-leading a team for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The duo competed for a season in ESEA Main, and even managed to win a LAN playing together. However, they didn’t build upon that momentum and couldn’t achieve what they initially expected. VALORANT brought a breath of fresh air to the team, and Oxygen Supremacy decided to back them up.

“We picked this roster for their strong competitive experience in Counter-Strike, which is a similar style game. We watched them succeed in that environment and we’re confident they can make the transition and succeed to even higher lengths here in Valorant. Due to the strong leadership from our captain, KP, this team acts as a cohesive unit and is always driven toward success,” explained to THESPIKE.GG the COO of Oxygen Supremacy, Jacob “Japple” Applebaum, on why they chose these particular players from the VALORANT esports player pool.

The entire team is confident their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive background gives them an edge over people transferring to VALORANT from Fortnite or Overwatch. Not only that, the entire roster were all playing in a semi professional level, just a division or two under pro league.

The team had already previously announced their entrance to the VALORANT scene with three players, including Erik “KP” Lytle. The other two players, David Rodriguez and Tsunami, are still under Oxygen Supremacy but classified as VALORANT content creators.

“In terms of goals for our team, we seek to push our players in the highest setting of competitive play. We want to be recognized as a top organization in the Esports scene, but most importantly we want to define our presence in VALORANT early on as all eyes are on the game. Finally, we hope to build a supportive community around our Valorant team,” expressed Jacob “Japple” Applebaum on the team’s plans for VALORANT in the future.

The current Oxygen Supremacy roster consists of:

Erik “KP” Lytle Theodor “in0x” Bjornsson Dane “DsK” Kenworthy Terry “Fxde” Toudle Justin “Jerk” Milani


Hoping to see them in some tournaments soon!
2020-06-21 20:37
I feel like when liquipedia adds a new team in the transfer section this website adds it to this page 2 seconds later
2020-06-22 12:39

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