Players will soon get updates on VALORANT in-game reports

written by Mostafeto June 28, 2020 at 1:23pm
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As much fun as we all have playing VALORANT, sometimes you run into a toxic person you really want to report so he doesn’t ruin other people’s experiences. However, for now, all you get when you report a player is an automatic message thanking you for your efforts to make VALORANT a better place. Players don’t receive any updates on the status of their in-game reports nor the actions taken upon them.

VALORANT Executive Producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon replied to a concerned player who wants to know how Riot Games handle those who ruin her experience. Donlon reassured her it is something the development team is already working on, but doesn’t provide an exact date on when we might see in-game report status updates implemented.

This is a feature already present in League of Legends, where players receive an update on their in-game reports upon logging in. The game’s latest update as well added the ability to report players from the champions’ selection screen, prior to the game even starting, if you believe someone is purposefully trying to ruin your match before it even begins. The chance to see the status of what happened to your VALORANT in-game reports would definitely be a welcomed and needed addition. It would help in giving players a sense of encouragement to keep the tactical shooter’s environment as minimally toxic as possible.

How many VALORANT players have you reported so far? What are the restrictions do you think Riot Games should implement based on the report’s severity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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