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Rebo officially joins Andbox

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After Jake "POACH" Brumleve was benched on February 11th, Andbox have officially announced his replacement, Christopher "Rebo" Heindel.

The former Moon Raccoons IGL and Cypher has some big VALORANT success under his belt, with a 4th-place finish in the Renegades x NSG VALORANT Invitational and 2nd in the Nerd Street Gamers - Monthly October during Moon Raccoons’ peak. In his first event with Andbox, North America’s Challengers 2 Challengers 2 - Open Qualifier, things went quite well, as they came just one best-of-3 win away from qualifying for Challengers 2, going down 2-0 to 100 Thieves. He’s put up 159 ACS and 0.78 KD over his time in VALORANT, as well as 0.72 Rating since that began being tracked at the start of 2021.

While plenty of fans were disappointed to see POACH go, Rebo is certainly a quality addition. But will he be able to bring Andbox back to competing with North America’s best?

Andbox are now:

Jaccob “yay” Whitaker Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor Sebastian “seb” Bucki Aaron “b0i” Thao Christopher “Rebo” Heindel

Jake “POACH” Brumleve (Benched)

Matt “Warden” Dickens (Head coach) Gordan “g0g1” Prošić (Assistant coach)


Rebo is certainly a quality addition? lol why'd you do my boy rebo like that and add a question mark LOL
2021-02-18 13:42
dicey | Germanicus
oops i didn't mean tooo
2021-02-18 13:57
dicey | Germanicus
🙏 plz forgive me rebo
2021-02-18 13:57
n0thing | Anime4life
2021-02-18 21:57

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