Riot Games announce Team Deathmatch mode for VALORANT

written by ArmandVanHelden January 24, 2023 at 7:41pm
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Team Deathmatch is one of the most popular modes in some of the most famous FPS games. However, VALORANT so far only has a regular deathmatch game in which you shoot whoever appears in your crosshairs. Announced today by Riot Games in a dev diaries video, Team Deathmatch is coming to VALORANT. Even though there is no official release date, it is expected to be out soon.

In the latest dev diaries video on YouTube and other social media channels, different Riot Games employees talked about what we should expect to see in 2023. The executive producer, Anna Donlon, gave the exciting news in the video of Team Deathmatch coming to VALORANT this year. However, no other details were given regarding the release date or how the mode will work. For now, we only know that we will be able to play the mode this year.

What is Team Deathmatch?

For a lot of gamers, Team Deathmatch is the most entertaining FPS game mode ever created. It has become a classic in FPS games. Players usually split into two teams and compete against each other to get more kills. There are also scenarios in which there are more than two teams competing but usually, there are two. Whichever team gets the most kills in a certain amount of time or reaches the needed-kill count, wins the match.

Apart from the game mode news, VALORANT coming to different platforms was also discussed. Per Riot, it is going to take a while.


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