Sector One halts esports operations including VALORANT

written by dogukansaridemir January 17, 2023 at 8:31pm
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Belgian-based esports organization Sector One announced that it has ceased all esports activities due to insufficient return on investment and financial flow.

Sector One, which entered the VALORANT scene in May 2020, parted ways with the first roster it entered the competitive arena after about 1 year. Afterwards, the organization continued on its way by promoting the academy team, Sector One Wings Program players, to the main roster. As of January 17, when the organization decided to cease all operations, the roster included Pieter-Jan "dash" De Decker, Maxim "MaximN" Nonglaire, Alex "Alyx" Morrow, Liam "qqu" van den Hoek, and Yenthe "poegi" Segers. The team's biggest achievement was to finish 1st in the VRL - France: Revolution - Stage 1 - Main Event.

Following this situation, VALORANT France made a statement

According to the statement, Sector One's professional players and staff will continue to compete in the ongoing VCT 2023 - Challengers League France: Revolution Split 1, which started on January 14. The team will contuned under the name "Benelux United" or "BLX UTD" for short. Also, the squad will be able to keep their place in the second Split.

Benelux United's current roster:

BelgiumPieter-Jan "dash" De DeckerBelgiumMaxim "MaximN" NonglaireNetherlandsLiam "qqu" van den HoekBelgiumAlex "Alyx" MorrowBelgiumYenthe "poegi" Segers


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