The Amazing Voices Behind your Favourite Valorant Sentinels

written by Emmanuel_E November 18, 2022 at 1:34pm
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It is common knowledge in the gaming community that Riot Games specializes in investing in the stories of playable Characters like Legends and Agents and exploring other rich content. This is evident in all their titles, from Legends of Runterra to Valorant, TFT, and League of Legends. These stories became even more profound with the release of the Riot Games' hit show, Arcane. With a great storyline and outstanding graphics, the animated series showed that these characters are much more than in-game assets, with vibrant voices behind all of them.

Valorant is also one of these creative titles, with interesting Agents from different classes and parts of the world. These Agents all have complex lore and an exceptional voice cast. To dig deeper into the personalities behind the Valorant Agents in the Sentinel class, here is a rundown of all the voice actors for every valorant Sentinel Agent.

Who voices the Valorant Sentinel Agents?

These voices, however gifted, cannot be complete without the basic concept behind the Sentinel Agents. As defensive specialists, Valorant’s Sentinels can watch flanks and lock down areas on both attacker and defender rounds. Their abilities are focused on defending against attacks and supporting the team by anchoring down sites and preventing enemies from flanking.

With Chamber joining the Sentinel class last year, Valorant now has four solid Sentinel Agents who have been given a unique story and voice.

Image Credit: Hugo Pierre Martin
Image Credit: Hugo Pierre Martin

Chamber: Hugo Pierre Martin

Born to a French-American family with fluency in both languages, Hugo Pierre Martin is a gifted voice actor with experience in film, animation, video games, and commercial work.

Hugo's portfolio includes the huge sci-fi series Westworld, the popular anime series, Shin Megami Tensei, and the hit game Ghost of Tsushima, among many other accolades.

Image Credit: Nabil Elouahabi
Image Credit: Nabil Elouahabi

Cypher: Nabil Elouahabi

Nabil Elouahabi is an English actor and producer who made his acting debut in Casualty, the BBC medical drama series, in 1998. He is well-known for works like The Sum of All Fears, Ali G Indahouse, Infinite, and the thrilling Netflix series, Top Boy.

Nabil is loved by fans for his smooth voice and peculiar tone, and this is his first video gaming gig after being on BBC shows like Eastenders and Casualty.

Image Credit: Eva Feiler
Image Credit: Eva Feiler

Killjoy: Eva Feiler

Eva Feiler is well-known for her act in Valorant and always embodies Killjoy, a work she is very proud of as a voice actor.

Feiler has been featured in Urban Legends and The Crown and is also a narrator of audiobooks, with her work in a Warhammer horror audio drama named Darkly Dreaming.

Image Credit: Naomi Yang
Image Credit: Naomi Yang

Sage: Naomi Yang

The calming voice behind Sage is that of American actress Naomi Yang, who is known for appearances in the 2014 film, Lilting, and the intriguing TV Series, Chimerica. With experience in different fields, Yang is well known for several works and titles. However, this is her first voice acting in a video game. Despite this, Yang was able to find the perfect voice for Sage and did an outstanding job playing the Agent. She had even bigger plans, later appearing on a popular TV Series, Wolfe, and in a few episodes of Peaky Blinders.

These are all the Valorant Sentinels and their respective voice actors with an insight into the life of the actors and their other works. Feel free to check out the other Voice actors behind Valorant’s Controllers, Valorant’s Initiators, and Valorant’s Duelists.


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