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written by NANA June 1, 2020 at 5:35pm
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VALORANT is officially launching on June 2nd, 2020, and everyone is quite excited about it. The competitive community has been very spoiled in the closed beta phase of the game. From the many tournaments organized to official esports organizations signing the first professional players, we saw it all.

It is in that spirit that we are excited to announce today that Pulse Esports Gaming Arena, in a partnership with THESPIKE.GG and Northern Arena, a top leading production and event organizer in Canada, are hosting a charity tournament event between June 26th and 28th, 2020.

About the tournament

We are inviting 16 of the best North American teams to compete in a weekend tournament in order to put their hands on a prize pool of over $10,000. All donations made during the event will be given to the United Way NYC Charity.

The whole tournament will be broadcasted live and produced by our great friends over Northern Arena. You will be able to follow all the action, without skipping a beat. More information about the tournament will be posted on our website.

We will provide you with additional information and sponsors as we get closer to the event start. If you want to participate in this tournament, feel free to email us at

Tournament Website:

About Pulse Esports Gaming Arena

Opening early Fall 2020, Pulse Esports Gaming Arena is New York City’s first dedicated esports tournament/league space! Designed to accommodate various esports publisher leagues, tournaments, teams, and player development! The lines of sight are spectacular; the experience is second to none! Pulse Esports Gaming Arena will prepare not only fans but esports teams, leagues and players to be the very best.

Pulse Esports Gaming Arena NYC is a first of its kind experience for the entire esports community.

About Northern Arena

Northern Arena is a leader in esports production in Canada, hosting tournaments for esports that continually grow year over year. Northern Arena previously hosted: Northern Arena Mortal Kombat Klash, Northern Arena FIFA 19 Cup, Northern Arena Rocket League Invitationals, Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals, and many more!


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