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TSM X sign bungee ahead of Game Changers Series 2

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With only 10 days left for VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 2 - Open Qualifier, TSM FTX X has decided to finalize their roster with the addition of Kristen "bungee" Haight.

TSM X has been a part of the upper echelons of VCT Game Changers for quite a while, and they were able to upheld consistency in their performance throughout the initial half of 2022 as well. They managed to qualify for VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 1 - Main Event after taking out in a spectacular fashion at VCT GC 2022 - North America Series 1 - Open Qualifier.

However, Dignitas was able to redeem themselves in the Main Event by eliminating TSM X from the tournament in the 2nd round of Lower Brackets. TSM X found themselves in that predicament after a loss against Cloud9 White, arguably the best female team in the region. Bungee was introduced to the roster as a replacement for Leah "LeahPanda" Nemchin-Cossman, who had been part of the roster since May 2021 contributing to the teams success in the latter half of the year. Bungee entered the competitive scene in late 2021 signing with Moon Raccoons Black for only a couple of months before the roster disbanded for good.

This stint proved to be valuable for bungee, since CLG Red realized her potential and acquired her to compete in VCT GC 2021 - North America Series 3 - Main Event as well as several NSG and Super Girl Gamer Pro tournaments. Her time with the roster came to an end with the team’s loss at . Misfits Black then brought her on to trial at VCT 2022 - North America - Stage 2 - Open Qualifier 2 but the outcome they produced didn’t match their expectations.

Since that ordeal failed to last, TSM X set their eyes on bungee hoping to trial her going into the upcoming Game Changers series. DreamHack Community Clash Season 1.5 was her first tournament under TSM’s banner and despite a rocky start, her fascinating use of Chamber’s abilities impressed the roster and eventually led to her acquisition.

With this change, the roster is as follows:

Catherine "cath" Leroux Emily "mle" Peters Mirna "athxna" Noureldin Karnthida  "dodonut" Chaisrakeo Kristen "bungee" Haight Danial "RedKoh" Hakim

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