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As a dedicated Behavioral Neuroscience student, I have immersed myself in the world of esports writing for the past five years. My journey began with a deep-seated fascination for the inherent dynamics of esports, coupled with a burning passion for professional writing. From humble beginnings crafting small blogs dedicated to League of Legends, I gradually expanded my horizons to cover diverse realms, including CSGO and Minecraft guides, and staying on top of Fortnite updates.

Throughout this adventure, my evolving interests ultimately converged on the captivating world of VALORANT of esports and embracing this challenge wholeheartedly, I've strived to provide comprehensive coverage at the highest level, delving into the intricate nuances of the game.

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What was your best esports moment?
During ESL One Cologne 2015 Fnatic found themselves trailing 12-3 at halftime on the deciding map, Inferno against Team EnVyUs. But in a stunning display of skill and resilience, Fnatic executed an incredible comeback proving that in esports much like any conventional sports, the game isn't over till it is over.
What was your worst esports moment?
During ESL One Cologne 2016. Na'Vi faced off against SK Gaming (then known as Luminosity Gaming) in a thrilling best-of-five series. Na'Vi managed to secure a 2-0 lead, but unfortunately, they couldn't close out the series ultimately losing out on a championship winning opportunity despite coming so close to it.

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Aashir Ahmed
While I've reached a pinnacle in my current journey, I recognize that there's ample room for further growth. I aspire to expand my horizons by actively participating in LAN events, and I am committed to increasing press coverage, especially for underrepresented teams that deserve a spotlight. Shedding light on their journey and providing greater insight into their experiences is a key aspiration on my professional bucket list.

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