VALORANT Champions 2022 format announced

written by ArmandVanHelden - August 17, 2022
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This year’s biggest VALORANT tournament is at the door and more details have been announced. Here is the format and schedule for VCT 2022 - Champions Istanbul!

VALORANT Champions İstanbul will start with the group stage phase and the competition will kick-off on August 31. 16 teams are going to be separated into four random groups. Just like the previous international tournaments, each group will feature a 4-team double elimination bracket with two teams moving to the upper stage. 8 of the 16 group stage teams will move on to the quarter finals.

Group Stage Bracket. Credit: Riot Games
Group Stage Bracket. Credit: Riot Games

The Finals will start on September 16, after a 2-day break. Qualified teams will be randomly placed into a double-elimination bracket with teams from the same group being placed on opposite sides of the bracket. The playoff bracket can be seen below.

Second Phase Schedule. Credit: Riot Games
Second Phase Schedule. Credit: Riot Games

As announced, the competition will begin on August 31 and last until September 19. The teams that will qualify for the finals will have a 3-day off from September 13 to 16 to have their last training and preparations for the trophy Apart from the finals, which will be best of five, all the matches will be best of three.


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