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VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Brazil region details

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As the VCT 2021 season just ended, all the regions started announcing the VCT 2022 formats one by one. After EMEA and NA, Brazil has also announced the format and schedule of the regional VCT 2022 tournament.

Riot Games announced a global change in the VCT format before the upcoming season and according to the new regulations, VCT 2022 will have lots of differences format-wise. There will be two Challengers and two Masters tournaments next year. Each stage will have two open qualifiers and two teams from each tournament will qualify for the championship.

Team Vikings, Vivo Keyd, FURIA, yng Sharks, Havan Liberty and Gamelanders Blue have received invitations from Riot Games to compete in the first-ever VALORANT Challengers Brazil of 2022. Riot Games made the decision based on these teams’ total circuit points. Moreover, the VALORANT Brazil Challengers Stage 1 will be formed by 10 organizations, two more from each open qualifier.

Open Qualifiers

There will be two open qualifiers and each will start with 256 teams in total. These teams will compete against each other in a best-of-three single-elimination format to reach the Challengers. The finalists of each tournament will directly join six invited teams to represent their region on the international stage.

These 10 teams will be divided into two groups of five each and they will play against each other once in a best-of-three format. First three teams of each group will advance to the Elimination Round and the last two teams of each group will try their luck in the Access Series against selected teams through new Qualifiers in Stage 2.

The leader of each group will directly advance to the second round. However, the remaining four teams will compete against each other in the first round of elimination. The Elimination Round’s format will be double-elimination so the losing teams will have a second chance in the Losers’ Bracket. All the elimination matches will be played in best-of-three except Upper Bracket Final, Lower Bracket Final, and Grand Final, which will be in a best-of-five format. In the end, the two finalists will qualify for Masters 1 to represent their region. Masters 1 will begin in April.

Stage 1 Schedule

  • Open Qualifier 1 - January 12-16
  • Open Qualifier 2 - January 19-23
  • Week 1 - February 12-13
  • Week 2 - February 19-20
  • Week 3 - February 26-27
  • Week 4 - March 4-5
  • Week 5 - March 12-13
  • Elimination Phase - March 22-27

Riot Games will distribute over 1m Brazilian Real this year, 405k in each stage and 255k for the next Last Chance Qualifier. All of the competition will be streamed live on the official Twitch, YouTube, and Nimo TV channels of Riot Games Brazil.


furia are going to win, bet
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