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Vitality make it to Grand Finals, Angry Titans are out - VRL Finals Day 6

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Team Vitality have clinched the first Grand Final spot at VRL - Finals after taking down Case Esports in the Upper Bracket Final. Angry Titans are out of the race as they lost their battle against FUT Esports in the Lower Bracket Semi Finals.

Case Esports vs Team Vitality

In the first match of the day, Case Esports and Team Vitality faced each other in the Upper Bracket Final of VRL - Finals. Vitality’s map pick was Breeze and the French champions started the series with a strong pistol-round performance. They managed to execute their attacking strategies almost perfectly and finished the half with 10 rounds. Kamil "baddyG" Graniczka grabbed 17 kills and held a 2.0 rating on the attacking side with Viper in his hands. Cender followed him with 13 kills and a 1.41 rating. We got used to these two’s performance lately and once again they gave what the team needed. Salvador "Yurii" Gasco’s Skye performance was not optimal for the side of Case with a 0.27 rating and only 3 kills while dying 12 times. Case made an impressive start to the second half but they failed to keep the performance up as Vitality won the first map after a one-sided performance, 13-6. baddyG had 24 kills at the end of the game while holding a 1.77 rating.

Case picked Haven to hold on to the competition. Team Vitality successfully defended the bomb sites in the pistol round but Case sat behind the wheel after losing the first two rounds. The Spanish team won 8 rounds on the attacking side and lost 4. Alexandr "falltw" Chernukhin stepped up with a 1.60 rating and 15 kills with Omen in his hands. Jokūbas "Cender" Labutis was the most important piece for Team Vitality with 12 kills and a 1.23 rating. Despite making a good start to the second half, Team Vitality failed to execute their attacking strategies and lost their streak after the first gun round. Case Esports won the map with a score of 13-7 and forced another game in the series. falltw had 19 kills at the end of the last round but Berkant "Wolfen" Joshkun’s 7 first-blood performance was also very important.

Team Vitality’s comfort zone, Ascent was the last map of the series. Yesterday, they lost the first half 11-1 against FUT Esports on Ascent but made an incredible comeback in the second half by winning it 12-0. Case started on the attacking side and they picked up the first two rounds but Vitality stopped their streak in the first gun round. The first half continued with both teams winning back-to-back rounds but Vitality led the half with a 2-round margin, 7-5. Cender had a massive Killjoy performance, grabbing 18 kills while holding a 1.94 rating. Team Vitality dominated the second half and did not lose a single round to close out the series in three maps. The Lithuanian Killjoy finished the game with a 1.57 rating and 22 kills. Joona "H1BER" Parviainen on the other hand grabbed 5 first bloods on Jett with a 1.37 rating to help his team reach the grand finals.

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August 3, 2022 - 16:00
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Team VitalityTeam VitalityAgentsRatingACSK/DKDAADR

FUT Esports vs Angry Titans

In the second series of the series, FUT Esports and Angry Titans battled to keep their presence. in the competition. The Turkish side picked Icebox for the first map of the series and the series began. Angry Titans made a great start but they lost their dominance through the later stages of the first 12-rounds. FUT Esports managed to defend the bomb sites successfully in the last four rounds and the first half ended in a tie, 6-6. The Turkish team started the second half with momentum behind their backs and did not lose any rounds to win the game without wasting any time. Konuralp "qw1" Şahin finished the game with 27 kills on Jett.

The Titans' pick in the series was Fracture. FUT won the first four rounds but Titans managed to get back into the competition by winning a couple of rounds. The Turkish side led the first half with a score of 7-5. Doğukan "qRaxs" Balaban’s 1.40 rating- Raze was the most important aspect in FUT’s lead but Furkan "MrFaliN" Yegen also helped him a lot with a 1.23 rating on Brimstone. FUT won the first two rounds of the second half but after the first gun round, Angry Titans showed their strong sides on Fracture. The DACH champions won seven rounds in a row and closed out the map after the 23rd round, 13-10. Andreas "Eppz" Vallvingskog finished the game with a 1.28 rating and 20 kills and Jacob "Lime" Foster followed him with the same amount of kills.

The last map of the day was Breeze. FUT Esports won the pistol round but Angry Titans answered back with great effort in the upcoming gun rounds. The first half ended with a tie and the entertainment level reached the highest level possible. The loser of the game was going to be eliminated from the tournament and only 12 rounds were left. FUT Esports made a fast start to the second half on the attacking side, winning five rounds in a row. Angry Titans ended their streak with a defuse-win to hold onto the series but it was not enough. FUT Esports won the map after winning seven rounds in the second half, only losing one round. Konuralp "qw1" Şahin’s Neon was very effective for them in the last round.

Best of 3
August 3, 2022 - 19:00
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Angry TitansAngry TitansAgentsRatingACSK/DKDAADR
FUT EsportsAgentsRatingACSK/DKDAADR

FUT Esports and Case Esports will face each other in the Lower Bracket Final while Team Vitality’s Grand Final spot has already been reserved. More information on the events page.

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