100 Thieves parts ways with VALORANT roster's General Manager ddk

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Last UpdatedAugust 1, 2023 at 11:47AM
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As VCT 2023 - Americas League - Last Chance Qualifier concludes, and with all regular season events now behind us, the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour season has drawn to a close for many teams, including 100 Thieves. As they bid farewell to this season, they have wasted no time in charting their course for the upcoming year, aiming to revamp their current team structure and make strategic improvements. To kickstart their transformation, the team made the decision to part ways with Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, who served as their manager during the season. This change comes in the aftermath of their 8th place finish in the Americas League and indicates their commitment to optimizing their approach to future challenges and opportunities.

ddk leaves as the first of many possible changes in 100 Thieves

Daniel "ddk" Kapadia was a highly esteemed esports commentator and analyst within the gaming industry. With a particular focus on Counter-Strike, he gained recognition for his insightful analysis, profound understanding of the game, and captivating casting style, which he showcased in numerous CS:GO events and tournaments. Following his transition to VALORANT, Riot Games swiftly acknowledged his exceptional talent and invited him as a talent to several VCT 2021 events, including Game Changers. However, an unfortunate disagreement with Riot led to his omission from the Masters 2022 event.

In the wake of this setback, ddk made a significant decision to step back from casting and commentary altogether. Remarkably, within a week, 100 Thieves revealed his appointment as their first General Manager for their VALORANT team. This strategic move by the organization proved to be a game-changer. As the General Manager, ddk quickly adapted to his new role, displaying exceptional leadership skills and a profound understanding of the game. Under his guidance, the 100 Thieves VALORANT team underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from one of the weakest competitors in the region to securing a coveted spot at Champions Istanbul 2022. The team's impressive turnaround caught the attention of many and garnered widespread acclaim.

Heading into 2023, the team opted for minimal roster changes, aiming to establish greater consistency with their existing lineup. Their early season performance showed promise as they secured an admirable 5th-8th place among the top 30 teams worldwide at the LOCK//IN event. However, their progress took an unexpected downturn as they finished 8th at VCT 2023 - Americas League, failing to qualify for the event's Playoffs and subsequently missing out on a chance to compete at Masters Tokyo.

Seeking redemption, they pinned their hopes on the Last Chance Qualifiers, but their efforts were in vain, facing a swift and unfortunate defeat against Sentinels in the opening match, marking a premature end to their season. Given these results, significant changes may be on the horizon, extending beyond just the replacement of a general manager especially as we prepare for the Off-Season following Champions Los Angeles.

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