AYRIN retires from professional play

Written By Onur Demirkol Writer
Last UpdatedDecember 6, 2023 at 11:34PM
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Professional VALORANT player Jordan "AYRIN" He has announced on his Twitter that he is retiring from competitive gaming. The Canadian In-game leader still wants to stay in the gaming industry, though. According to his tweet, he will “look to combine my education and pro experience to work in the gaming industry.”

His VALORANT career started with Echo 8, where he managed to show his skills, and joined XSET, the team where he reached his full potential. XSET and AYRIN have competed at the highest level for a long time, starting in 2021 and continuing until 2023. During his time at XSET, he competed in VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 and 3 and then won the VCT 2022: North America Stage 2 Challengers trophy. XSET’s success was all over social media and internet. He competed in VCT 2022: Stage 2 Masters - Copenhagen and VALORANT Champions 2022. Lastly, he joined Global Esports but couldn’t achieve anything worthy. After the season came to an end, AYRIN announced that he is stepping away from professional play.

However, this doesn’t mean that he is going for a completely different path. “For my next step, I will look to combine my education and pro experience to work in the gaming industry. Valorant revitalized my passion for games and made me realize it is something I have to pursue in this phase of my career and I could not be more excited,” he said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

AYRIN also added that he had an eye surgery and his recovery has been slow. “A few months ago I had PRK (laser eye surgery) and unfortunately, it has been a brutal recovery with numerous complications. For any competitors, I would highly advise against any refractive surgery if you are still competing. It has been a slow recovery but it is getting better,” he said.

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